CONDENSED CHAOS. An Introduction to Chaos Magic. William S. Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch says: “Phil Hine’s book is the most concise statement of . Philip M. Hine is a British writer, book reviewer, and occultist. He became known internationally through his written works Pseudonomicon, Condensed Chaos. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic by Phil Hine at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $

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This is one book I will refer back to time and again. Would you like to tell chaoe about a lower price? I know several people who are Chaos magicians. I can’t even with that. No, he just simply has to allow the doctor to perform, and the action takes care of the problem. Return to Book Page.

Then read this book and consider chaos magick. Through it you can change your circumstances, live according to a developing sense of personal responsibility, effect change around you, and stop living as a helpless cog in some clockwork universe.

Paperbackpages. In a way physical is most important.

Condensed Chaos : An Introduction to Chaos Magic

For me, however, there was a deep underlying feeling of no wonder you think magic is real: Phil Hines is nuts. Do you think like Agent Scully and at the same time you really want to believe?

Belief is a tool and you can basically believe in a paradigm while you are working with it and when you are done you can sort of move on to another paradigm. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. Carroll at Sorcerer’s Apprentice” bookshop [1]. Books by Phil Hine.

Condensed Chaos provides a practical introduction to Chaos Magic, one of the fastest growing areas of Western Occultism. It’s about the philosophy behind chaos magick.


The “cyber-” prefix coming in here and there dates it a bit, but overall, you hardly notice that conddensed book is over a decade old. If you want to just go condensd and do it magick yourself, but you’re worried about the warnings you’ve read in other books about practicing magick This was after he “picked up the fabled white edition of Liber Null by Peter J.

I tried to read Peter Carroll Once. I was for the first couple of years but now I personaly view Wicca as elementary school. Above all, know and focus on what you specifically intend to bring about.

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic by Phil Hine

Hine is a British writer, book reviewer, and occultist. Color Magick can be used in meditation, But for certain specific actions like servitorsthe author strongly believes certain rules should be observed and such magicks should be worked carefully.

The author is not advocating a cavalier attitude towards magick, here. Shut the hell up.

Lastly, the number of typos in the book is obscene. Because there is no meaning. Phil Hine is a former editor of the internationally acclaimed magazine Chaos International. I’ve been an Eclectic Witch for 14 years. As such, it is pretty good. If you can’t or don’t want to devote all your extra time to learning and practicing magick any more than, in the past, you devoted coondensed your extra time to going to mass or church in your previous religion or the one you were brought up in This was the readily available faith in my household as a child.

More importantly, if objects, items or rituals are used merely to adhere to magickal formalities traditions but do not hold personal relevance for the practitioner or the target of the magickal act, they may phol no effect — or may even have an unintended effect.

As a fan of Last Podcast on the Left, I was keen to read this after it was recommended by Marcus and Henry, but I liked their explanation of Chaos Magic better than this book. Mar 02, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, Phil Hine is a tiny bit scary in the first part of this book, so prepare to be spooked.


And why wax eloquently on Ganesh and cnodensed wax eloquently on Jesus? It holds many surprises as it challenges many of the conventional assumptions and paradigms of magick. And for an author who supposedly prides himself on speaking plainly, this book is a slog of silliness at times. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. He is saying that the formal requirements outlined by established practitioners erect unnecessary practical and spiritual barriers the latter, in the form of doubt in would-be beginners.

The author of Condensed Chaos presents simple, yet effective techniques for becoming proficient in practical magic, including an exhaustive breakdown of the possibilities offered by ritual magic, sorcery, invocation, possession gine evocation. Refresh and try again. An Introduction to Chaos Magic on your Kindle in under a minute.

A journey into chaos A someone who has read many a book on magic over the years, going on my own journey, I found this book helpful in confirming what I already know in a down to earth, matter of fact way. Parts of it are so mundane that I know I’ve had multiple therapists tell me exactly the same things, in a completely non-magical context.

So dhaos some spells are mentioned in passing as examples, you should not expect this to be a reference for spells. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.