Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics brings together for the first time social scientists and engineers to develop a predictive theory of social. Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics brings together for the first time social scientists and engineers who present predictive theory of social organization, as a. Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics by Adrian Bejan, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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They seek and find paths and rhythms that allow them to move their mass the greatest distance per expenditure of useful energy while minimizing thermodynamic imperfections such as friction. Thermodynamic Properties of the Location System Model In particular, animal movement is no different than tehory flows, animate, and inanimate: The first episode 5 Gilbert W.

One loss is constfuctal lifting of the dynamic weight to a height that can be generalized as the body length approximately the length of the limbs. A different approach is made possible by constructal theory see Bejan and Reis ; Reis and Bejan Constructal theory is a different approach because it works from a universal physics principle to deduce and predict structure and function.

We can observe an inner nucleus that matches the ancient perimeter of the city under the Roman Empire, with a network of small streets which were suited for flows of people in those times.

Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

A lot has been written about natural selection and the impact that efficiency has on survival. This led to the second collective behavior episode, a panic in which the public frantically tried to unload Argentine securities at the very time that new 40 Gilbert W. Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics brings together for the first time social scientists and engineers to develop a predictive theory of social organization, as a conglomerate of mating flows that morph in time to flow more easily people, goods, money, energy, information.

Sustainability and Its Evaluation In Bejanthe start was an analytical short cut based on several simplifying assumptions: The tendency of living systems to become socil in every building block and to develop optimal associations of such building blocks has not been explained: Also in ancient times, movement of people between the settlements and the surrounding area designed flow pathways some of which can be seen still in the present time.


Theoryy return to this feature in Section 1.

Indeed, in Baring Brothers had a portfolio of unsold Argentine securities that exceeded the entire reserves of the Bank of England. The newest stones added to the edifice come from the active wall the perimeter of the quarry.

Bridges are created that help the students from difficult social backgrounds to access the main stream: Classical thermodynamics was not concerned with the configurations of its nonequilibrium flow systems. The result was a backlash from agricultural interests, followed by bureaucratic backpedaling on enforcement. The contribution made by this theoretical argument is that an optimal base angle exists, and that it is independent of the size of the edifice.

A new theory is a new language, which performs new services. In addition, according to the rules of scale analysis Bejanall factors within one Figure 1. It was noted in the past and most recently empirically in fractal geometry, where it was simulated based on repeated fracturing that had to be assumed and truncated.

Walking is the first mode of movement for people when they depart from home. The zones and caps are organized in such a way that they perform this transport in the most efficient way, which is the one that maximizes the heat flow or, alternatively, by the flow structure that minimizes the resistance to the global heat flow. This trend is confirmed by a comparison between the streets built in antiquity and those that are being built today. And the force output of the muscles of runners, swimmers, and fliers conforms with surprisingly little variation to a value of about 60 Newtons per kilogram.

The optimal distribution of these numerous and highly diverse imperfections is the flow architecture itself lung, river basin, blood vascularization, atmospheric circulation, etc. It can be suggested that the introduction of technologies such as the newspaper, telephone, air travel, and Internet have indeed had such an effect.

There is such a principle, and it is based on the common universal observation that if a flow system e. Thus, the individuals can be replaced without changing the nature of the bureaucratic organization.

For a finite size flow system to persist in time to survive its configuration must evolve in such a way that it provides easier and easier access to the currents that flow through it. This is eocial by modern edifices such as the Atlanta airport Fig 1. Fossils of Flows of People The Constructal Law indicates that the pattern that develops in time is the one that provides maximum flow access minimum resistance under the existing construtal. The obvious answer is no, because the movements of the neutrally buoyant bodies of fish eynamics to have nothing to do with gravity.


The most special and, potentially, most lasting contribution of this new theory is that it explains the origin of huge volumes of observations in fields far removed from that of the theory and its authors. The movement of people is in the beginning disorganized erratic, if we consider a group of individuals showing the characteristics of diffusive flow, then becomes progressively organized more and more people moving in the same way as people move into larger streams.

How to deduce a class of flow configurations by invoking the construtcal law is an entirely different separate, subsequent thought, which should not be confused with the constructal law. The actual evolution or lack of evolution rigidity of consrructal drawing depends on many factors, which are mostly random.

The comparison shown in Fig. Heitor Reis The form of the flow tree that offers the lowest resistance to flow of people under the existing constraints may be derived analytically as follows. dynaamics

Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

Constructal theory provided answers to these questions by addressing the following area-point access maximization problem. Sequence of area constructs obtained by pairing smaller constructs Wechsatol et al.

Each stone was i pushed horizontally, ii lifted, and iii dropped at the next, higher theort. Water Resources 16, 41— The process spun out of control. Both losses are needed for flying; neither can be avoided.

Historicity, Instinct, Intelligence, and Consciousness During the spreading of interlinked city flows, total areas double in size and the size of the largest city doubles Bejan et al. Modeling the Spreading of an Epidemic