La contusión pulmonar es la lesión visceral más frecuente. Suele presentarse en TT graves y a menudo asociada a otras lesiones torácicas e intratorácicas. Lung contusion is an entity involving injury to the alveolar capillaries, without any tear or cut in the lung tissue. This results in accumulation of. World J Surg. Aug;34(8) doi: /s Pulmonary contusion: an update on recent advances in clinical management.

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Analysis of Cases. R pulmonary contusion Chest wall plumonar. However it may cause gastric distension by forcing air into the stomach or cause aspiration of stomach contents, especially when level of consciousness is decreased [ 30 ]. Trinkle confirmed this hypothesis in As the mismatch between ventilation and perfusion grows, blood oxygen saturation is reduced [ 55 ].

: Thoracic Trauma

Views Read Edit View history. They all decline to baseline on day 7 post-contusion [ contusiion ]. In a retrospective analysis of patients with ARDS due to pulmonary contusion Schreiter and co-workers showed that mechanical ventilation, according to the cotnusion lung concept, dramatically improved oxygenation and lung aeration [ 94 ]. Consultado el 29 de abril de Loss of compartmentalization of alveolar tumor necrosis factor after lung injury.

New synthetic surfactant preparations contain phospholipase-resistant components []. Journal of Thoracic Imaging 20 2: Local effect of lung contusion on lung surfactant composition in multiple trauma patients. Diagnostic pulmonqr of bedside ultrasonography in the ICU: Pathophysiology of trauma-associated respiratory failure; pp. Management of pediatric trauma: Computed tomography CT is very sensitive for diagnosing pulmonary contusion, its size and 3-dimensional assessment.

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Often nothing more than supplemental oxygen and close monitoring is needed; however, intensive care may be required. ARDS after R pulmonary contusions.

Lung Contusion: A Clinico-Pathological Entity with Unpredictable Clinical Course

T cells have been associated with BOOP-associated fibrosis, and these immune cells may contribute to the pathology and resolution of isolated lung contusion [ 3546 ]. ARDS as a complication of traumatic lung contusion may cause lungs to lose compliance, so higher pressures may be needed to give normal amounts of air [ 30 ]. Stern EJ, White C. Mini Rev Med Chem.

Physiopathology of crushed chest injuries. Retrieved from ” https: Consultado el 3 de mayo de Inflammation of the lungs, which can result when components of blood enter the tissue due to contusion, can also cause parts of the lung to collapse. Chest Trauma Pulmonary Contusion. Keough V, Pudelek B. The goal of treatment is to prevent respiratory failure and hypoxia [ 87 ].

Pulmonary contusion results in bleeding [ 30 ] and fluid leakage into lung tissue, which becomes rigid and loses its normal elasticity. To diagnose pulmonary contusion, health professionals use clues from a physical examination, information about the event that caused the injury, and radiography. Lung protective ventilation processes frequently lead to hypercarbia and acidosis. Trauma to the chest wall; pp.

Reversibility of lung collapse and hypoxemia in early acute respiratory distress syndrome. Early and late acute respiratory distress syndrome: Typical signs and symptoms include direct effects of the physical trauma, such as chest pain and coughing up bloodas pupmonar as cotusion that the body is not receiving enough oxygen, such as cyanosis.

Pulmonary contusion: an update on recent advances in clinical management.

Hooker showed that pulmonary contusion was an important part of the concussive injury that results from explosions. Etiology Pulmonary contusion occurs by rapid deceleration when the moving chest strikes a fixed object [ 12 ].


The excess fluid interferes with gas exchangepotentially leading to inadequate oxygen levels hypoxia. Seminars in Roentgenology 41 3: Las laceraciones que contienen sangre y aire muestran un distintivo nivel de aire-fluido.

Please review our privacy policy. Flail chest, pulmonary contusion, and blast injury.

Retrieved 18 June Pulmonary contusions that accompany gun and knife wounds are not usually severe enough to have a major effect on outcome; [25] penetrating trauma causes less widespread lung damage than does blunt trauma. The inflammatory response in pulmonary contusion may be either compartmentalized in the alveolar space or in the systemic circulation [ 96 pulmojar 99 ].

Pneumothorax Hemothorax Hemopneumothorax Pulmonary contusion Pulmonary laceration Tracheobronchial injury Diaphragmatic rupture.

The complications of pulmonary contusion are ARDS, as mentioned, and respiratory failure, atelectasis and pneumonia. Cases and figures Imaging differential diagnosis.

Pathophysiology of pulmonary contusion in dogs. The main complications of pulmonary contusion are ARDS and pneumonia. This item has received. The following aspects are considered for the diagnosis of pulmonary contusion: Histopathological evaluation of the lung tissue at 8 min, 4 hr, and 12 hr post-contusion revealed diffuse intra-alveolar hemorrhage with alveolar disruption, along with interstitial hemorrhagic injury that frequently involve peri-hilar areas and extended to the visceral surface of the pleura.

Prevention of pulmonary contusion is similar to that of other chest trauma.