16 oct. Nationale de Conservation des Zones humides (SNZH) du Maroc .. Outre la Convention de Ramsar, à laquelle le Maroc a adhéré en Il est composé d’une partie marine, la lagune de Khenifiss, zone humide d’ importance internationale inscrite sur la liste de la Convention de Ramsar depuis . Texte de la convention · Que doit on faire à l’échelle nationale? Décisions zone humide classée site Ramsar, un lieu d’escale important dans leur migration.

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Wetlands for our Future: Wetlands and tourism WWD Login to add a comment. The first World Wetlands Day. Their initial overview suggested that remediation was needed, but would be possible. Contacts News Events Press Jobs. Wetlands for a sustainable urban future WWD The first World Wetlands Day.

A complex of three mountain wetlands at m that are fed by snowmelt and springs – they are among the most southernmost representatives of the lacustrine mountain ecosystems of the temperate paleo-arctic bioregion. About Convention and its mission Bodies Partnerships Transparency. From the mountains to the sea — Wetlands at work for us WWD It houses 30 species of macro algae and ransar wealth in marine invertebrates.

Merja de Fouwarate Ramsar Site no. Water for wetlands, wetlands for water WWD Wetlands and forests WWD Wetlands and water management WWD The International Organization Partners Partnerships with other Conventions Partnerships with the private sector Formal partnership agreements.

Among the birds are several rare species including the endangered white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephalathe vulnerable marbled teal Marmaronetta angustirostris and the near-threatened ferruginous duck Aythya nyrocablack-tailed godwit Limosa limosa and Eurasian curlew Numenius arquata.


To do this there is a proposal for a boulevard demarcating the edge of the town and the beginning of the lagoon system. The estuary of the Dr’a River, which is situated on the northern limit of the Sahara and runs among bushy dunes until it reaches the sea through a gorge.

Wetlands, biodiversity and climate change WWD It covers the western portion of the Central Middle Atlas, convebtion provinces and territories of Ifrane Boulmane. Wetlands, biodiversity and ramsae change WWD Wetlands, biodiversity and climate change WWD Convention and its mission.

It consists of a marine part, Khenifiss Lagoon, a wetland of international importance on the list of the Ramsar Convention sinceand a terrestrial part consisting of highlands and sebkhas with characteristic vegetation the Saharan zone. The plan also includes an understanding of the areas that are highly sensitive and need protection from the start, and identifying which areas need rehabilitation. Thus, this protected area is attractive during the four seasons.

The National Park Khnifiss | Clearing House Mechanism on Biodiversity of Morocco

Clearing House Mechanism on Biodiversity of Morocco. For the project to have long-term success, genuine local ownership by the government of the Town, and importantly its people, will be conventoon.

Wetlands and agriculture WWD There’s wealth in wetland diversity – don’t lose it! Wetland world – A world to discover!

Private / public partnership at Ramsar site in Morocco

Wetlands and tourism WWD People and wetlands – The vital link WWD Water for wetlands, wetlands for water WWD About 50 species of birds visit the site more or less regularly, especially migrants attracted by its greenery and water-related features.


River basins and their management WWD About Convention and its mission Bodies Partnerships Transparency.

During the visit they met with the Governor of Essaouira as well as representatives from national, provincial and local government, and in the presence of the Conseilleur to the King of Morocco, to discuss the progress of the project. They also suggested many ways to proceed, especially attempting to involve the local population through schools and stabilising the outward spread of the town.

There’s wealth in wetland diversity – don’t lose it! In its northern part are more than permanent water pockets.

Morocco designates two new Ramsar Sites

This project, linking all levels of government with local people, supported by funding from the private sector, has a great chance of success, and is a model of how these activities should occur in future in many other locations.

From the mountains to the sea — Wetlands at work for us WWD Ramsaf Convention text What we can do at national level? The Ifrane National Park contains a large animal wealth: At the dawn of the 20th century, the town of Essaouira on the central Morocco coast was situated on a small promontory, with a large open lagoon in the hinterland. From the mountains to the sea — Wetlands at work for us WWD