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kanban (mostly used for repetitive manufacturing). • Based on PUSH principle. – MRP (MRP-II). • Based on both principles (push and pull). – CONWIP (Constant. CONWIP. (A pull alternative to kanban principle). Main resources: Mark Spearman, David Woodruff and Wallace Hopp. Northwestern University,. Evanson. PDF | This paper describes a new pull-based production system called CONWIP. Practical advantages of CONWIP over push and other pull systems are given.

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The idea of kanban is so much associated with pull production that the two terms are sometimes even used synonymously. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Of course, since the cycle of the kanban cards and the cycle of the CONWIP cards is similar, it is easy to imagine a hybrid system and it has been imagined already a few times.

After a finished part is consip at the last workstationa card is transferred to the first workstation and a new part is pushed into the sequential process route.

Benefits and Flaws of CONWIP in Comparison to Kanban

It seems to be quite useful, especially for made-to-order products. CONWIP -go-round with different parts — like roller coaster seats with people There is broad agreement in industry that a pull system is in almost all cases better than a push system.

If you have enough kanbans of each part type, then the kanban system automatically reproduces what is needed. If you have both, use a hybrid system.


Basics of CONWIP Systems (Constant Work in Progress) |

It has some very valuable advantages, but it also comes with some disadvantages. But since kanban are always assigned a part number, this will be difficult. The most famous way to establish a pull system is to use a kanban system. Notify me of new posts by email.

However, be aware that the risk of human decisions messing things up is there. The Backlog Sequence Production planning Someone has to determine the backlog sequence i.

CONWIP – Wikipedia

Additionally, these may be more sources of errors. However, for made-to-stock production, you need a good production sequence or you may end up in hot water with CONWIP see further below.

However, there are kanbah ways to implement pull. If you have high runners, use kanban, since they are easier. In a push systemthe production order is scheduled and the material is pushed into the production line.

I would phrase it more generally as the people who know the urgency best. Both were developed by Toyota in Japan. If a CONWIP card comes back from the finished goods inventory, the next part type in line is assigned to the returning card. Such systems can be classified as pull and push systems Spearman et al.

However, this is not always the case. Hence a CONWIP card is like a kanban card, except the part type gets assigned only on its way back when it meets the most urgent demand in the backlog.

The Kanban System Kanban is both a type of card and a control system in manufacturing named after the cards. The kanban can be attached to a part or be separate. In a pull systemthe start of each product assembly process is triggered by the completion of another at the end of production line.


Customers may order more or cancel orders. In a usually highly volatile environment such as a manufacturing system, new information comes up all the time. However, this depends very much on the details of your system, and it is cpnwip to tell which one would need less cards and hence less WIP. A card without a part arriving back at the beginning of the loop is an order to reproduce this part.

There is broad agreement in industry that a pull system is in almost all cases better than a push system. Your email address will kabnan be published. Now go out and Organize your Industry!

Basics of CONWIP Systems (Constant Work in Progress)

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