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This listing is for the Corometrics Twins Fetal Monitor. Purchase Includes: Standard Z-fold paper; Two (2) Standard RS interfaces for CIS and NIBP. The GE Corometrics Fetal Monitor, a part of the Corometrics Series; cost -effective and designed for basic fetal monitoring during the antepartum period. The monitor features large LED displays allowing easy, at-a-glance confirmation of fetal heart rate and uterine activity in both the Corometrics (single) and.

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Replacement probe model ordered by the Buyer shall be the same as the defective probe model. Read More Show Less. Add to Wish List. Click here to learn more on our Cookies Notice and Disclosure.

Please enter appropriate zipcode. Alerts you to fetal heart rate concerns The fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is higher or lower than the range you set as normal. Provides the detailed information you need to ensure a personalized birthing experience. Part availability and reference numbers are subject to change. We designed the cost-effective Corometrics Series Fetal Monitors to help you make quick, accurate clinical assessments.

Adding this “request for a quote” item will require a Quote and prevent checkout. GEHC warrants that replacement ultrasound probes are free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal usage for a period of twelve 12 months from delivery and any claim should be submitted in writing within such period.


Offers portability An optional mobile roll stand cart lets you transport the monitor and all of its necessary accessories. Benefits We designed the cost-effective Corometrics Series Fetal Monitors to help you make quick, accurate clinical assessments. What action do you want to perform? One Self has been migrated to a new platform to provide you with a better customer experience. Please complete the order processing to add an item to the cart.

You have a cart already in session. You already have a “request for a quote” item in your cart. Your cart has been saved and will be available when you login next time. How would you like to proceed? These compact and lightweight monitors are designed for antepartum and intrapartum applications in the office and hospital.

Corometrics Delivering reliable, and accurate fetal monitoring. Displays important information prominently The large, easy-to-read LCD display clearly presents information corometfics fetal heart rate and uterine activity. Please try again after some time. Improved obstetric outcomes start with accurate assessments – Exceptional pick-up and minimal repositioning. Product Specific Terms Ultrasound probes replacement The present price for replacement ultrasound probe is only valid subject to the Buyer returning the defective probe to GEHC by handing it over to the courier when the corometgics probe is delivered.

GE Corometrics Fetal Monitor

Please enter Email Address Next. Customer is solely responsible for the installation of Life Care Solutions spare parts purchased through this website strictly in accordance with any applicable manufacturer’s instructions contained in the user manual, service manual if available or any other supporting documentation.


Re-enter your account number, zipcode to try again. For the most current information, including updates on a particular spare part, please contact GEHC. Buyer cannot purchase through this website additional probes or coromerrics its defective probe with another model of a probe even if it is compatible with its equipment model.

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Intuitive perinatal software to help you deliver your best care to every mother and baby. Please enter Email Address. Thank you for initiating the registration process. Sorry, your details do not match our records.

Corometrics Series. When the ultrasound probe is in stock, GEHC will make reasonable efforts to deliver it within a minimum of 2 two and maximum of 5 five working days. You already have promotional items in your cart ready to checkout. You can trust our fetal monitors to help you improve the standard of care for your expecting mothers. Sorry, there is an internal server error. Nautilus watertight toco and 9-crystal ultrasound transducers for hydrotherapy and bedside monitoring.

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GE Corometrics 171 Fetal Monitor – Refurbished

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