Las babas del diablo (part 2). Date Thursday, November 24, at .. Cortázar, Category Spanish literature and film, Category Translation. Las babas del diablo [Cuento] has ratings and 8 reviews. Cuento de Julio Cortázar originalmente publicado en el libro de cuentos Las armas secretas. I have in my library the two volumes of Cortazar’s short stories, so I grabbed Volume 1 I opened the book randomly: Las Babas del Diablo.

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The conclusion to a short story “The drool of the devil,” commonly known as “Blow-up” after this film which it inspired by this Argentine.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. The boy had lowered his head like a boxer who cannot continue and who awaits the coup de grace; he had lowered the collar of the overcoat, looking more than ever like a prisoner, the perfect diaablo who aids in the catastrophe. Always tell the story, always get rid of that annoying tickle in the stomach.

Diablp he develops the film, the event is recalled so forcefully that he enlarges the photograph. And there in his mouth I saw a black tongue flickering, and he was slowly raising his hands, bringing them also to the foreground, an instant still in perfect focus; he, after all, the lump who was erasing the isle, the tree, and I closed my eyes and wished to look no more.

The woman had been expecting this because she was here waiting for it, or perhaps the boy arrived before the woman and she saw him from a balcony or a car, and went out to meet him, starting up conversation on any old subject.

Michel is guilty of literature, of unreal fabrications.

Las babas del diablo [Cuento]

And so, when all of a sudden the wind ceased and the sun baba at least twice as large I mean twice as warm, but in reality this is the sameI sat upon the parapet and felt, on this Sunday morning, terribly content. Email required Address never made public.


Samuel Regueira rated it liked it May 24, You can read the original here. When I had come to the first houses, on the side of the iron footbridge, I turned back to look at them. And I covered my face and broke out crying like an idiot.

The first part of a short story “The drool of the devil,” commonly known as “Blow-up” after this film which it inspired by this Argentine. This was what I saw when I opened my eyes and dried them with my hands: Does objective reality correspond to his perception or interpretation?

The clown and the woman convened in silence: If I am replaced, if I no longer know what to say, if the clouds end and something else begins because it cannot be that one simply sees clouds passing continuously, and now and again a pigeonif something from all of this I laughed in their faces and set off on my way, I suppose a little more slowly than the boy.

Let’s go down the stairs of this house, Sunday, the seventh of November, just a month ago. It requires discipline, training in aesthetics, a good eye and sure hands. Reviews, essays, and translations.

I don’t know why I had gotten down from the parapet; I don’t know full well why I decided not to give them the photo, to refuse this demand in which I sensed fear and cowardice. Habits are like great herbaria: Of me nothing remained, a sentence in French that might never have ended, a typewriter which tumbles to the floor, a chair which screeches and shakes, a patch of fog.

Blow up (Las Babas del Diablo) – Dacnard – life beyond the framelines

And Michel had to endure very precise imprecations, hear himself be labeled a meddler and an imbecile, and he deliberately made a fierce effort to smile and decline, with simple movements of his head, every cheap shot.


In his heart, this photo had been a good deed. I remembered ironically the woman’s furious face as she protested my picture-taking, the boy’s ridiculous and pathetic flight, the entrance onto the scene of the man with the white face. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But the hands were already too much. And, of course, all of this is quite difficult.

So I must laas.

Lists with This Book. I had just discovered why people within a car almost disappear, lost in that wretched private suitcase of beauty which lends them movement and danger.

With a sixteen diaphragm, with framing in which the horrible black car lad not be included but the tree would, I would need to snap a space especially grey En San Francisco, cerca de la U. Whether the translator missed the symbolic nature of certain passages or opted for certain reasons to minimize these aspects, the fact remains that the symbolism is considerably less perceptible in the English version.

“Las babas del diablo” by Julio Cortazar became the basis of which 1966 movie?

Time is, among other things, a constant flow of events. When I was beginning to get tired I heard a car door slam. Closing my eyes, if it is I who closed them, I put the stage in babass The important thing, the truly important thing, was to have abetted the boy in his timely escape this in the event that my theories were correct, which has not been sufficiently tested, but the flight itself seemed to siablo that they were.