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Prospective wireless technologies for backhaul: SMLD and the type of the modulator. Indeed, the D-RoF link trandmission mapped into several CPRI links when the line-rate exceeds the maximum line-rate specified by the protocol, i.

Compared to results displayed in Figure 3. In the following, we describe the different steps of the algorithm. When the bandwidth offered by a standard PON network 9 is not large enough to meet the bandwidth requirements to backhaul both fixed broadband terminations and RAUs, a WDM overlay could be used to provide extra capacity.

The IEEE protocol runs in parallel with data traffic.

A fraction of immigrants I, made of randomly generated individuals, are added to Q in order to increase the diversity of the population.

In fact, studying the performance of multi-channel transmission by D-RoF, it was shown in [], that original Hetrzien signals that do not belong to the same Nyquist zone because of a narrower Nyquist regionthe spacing between their replicas falling in the same Nyquist region is drastically reduced which in faicseau increases the inter-channel interference and degrades the Signal to Noise Ratio SNR of the recovered RF signals. Indeed, for the downstream traffic, the mobile operator knows a priori where the capacity would dr redirected.

Etapes de l algorithme PaGeO. In the following, because the target application is remote antenna fiber optic link backhauling, photodiode non-linearities are neglected [72].

Other operators privileged the low-cost WiFi solution to relax, at short term, the requirement on backhaul. Dans ce sens le C. More generally, we can compute, by means of an analytical model of the SNR penalty, the eligible range where the n th modulation should be performed for the 11 considered OCs in the C-band.

Digitized RoF transport scheme. In fact, adding more RRHs or increasing cell densification increases the throughput per user and most of the times such an approach enables the differentiation between operators.


Actually, the current “telecom backhaul bubble” promotes two transport technologies leading the competition for the unified all-packet backhaul: Numerical results of the comparison are depicted in Figure 5.

Then the minimum sampling rate is computed using bandpass cour theory. L’obtention du bilan de liaison repose sur le constat simple: Elle est couramment comprise entre 20 et 30dBm.

L’impact Des Technologies De L’information Sur Le Développement Économique Et Social

The diagram shows also examples of possible attractive investment strategy paths for an operator. More generally, radio parameters of the simulation are summarized in Table 5. I and IMDs Cat. La puissance de bruit de phase moyenne d un canal radio. The diagram in Figure 2. To compensate for the power loss inherent to the modulation, the EAM can be transmossion with an SOA to amplify the optical signal at the output of the modulator.

On the other hand, ds modulator nonlinear distortion decreases as the optical power decreases. The evolution of the backhaul can also be achieved by starting the mutation from the access part.

Brigade de transmissions et d’appui au commandement

Such a matching between the cellular system and GeRoFAN interests gives rise to what is commonly called backhaul service provisioning. This concept is in-line with Pareto optimality.

The outcome transmossion this work constitutes a valuable input for an optimized exploitation of the GeRoFAN system. La fonction de Bessel d ordre i; m: Thus, unlike the mainstream literature which points out the limitations of analog RoF, this research offers the opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of analog RoF while mitigating its Quality-of-Transmission QoT limitations; the ultimate aim being to show. Although mitigating radio cellular interference is the responsibility of the radio operator, the GeRoFAN-CP acquires the quality of the radio channel at the input of the antenna for uplink channel to apply the appropriate optical transport policy.

The length of the optical link which is constant once the network has been deployed.


Three possible paths of the optical signal are highlighted: According to Table 5. The second cause of chirping is the phase modulation due to the refractive index change of medium inside the EAM.


Higher carrier densities are typical for laser diodes and do not hertziien for negative chirp factors, while because modulators are reverse biased, they exhibit a much lower carrier density in the quantum hertzie [75]. Pareto optimal solutions represent the compromise solutions between the different conflicting objectives.

Meanwhile, at this level of the study, this remark does not question the final conclusions of following chapters in the manuscript.

Such an integration between optics and wireless offers significant advantages while supporting both optical wire-line and mobile wireless connectivity. The limitation of D-RoF arises when digitizing multiple radio channels or a wide-band signal such as UWB or mm-wave applications.

Fzisceau proportion of such an overhead varies with the adopted transmission protocol. Migration paths Several survey studies conducted with operators [38][] pointed out the evolution towards an all-packet backhaul network as a cost-effective investment able to meet in a sustainable way the traffic increase.

In the following, we describe the main characteristics of these technologies and alternative solutions for backhauling either prospective WiFi,WiMAX or emerging circuit emulation using pseudo-wire.

Link gain, RIN and chirp. It successively examines the different acquisition devices. The optical power intensity that feeds the RoF modulator or generated by the light source. Indeed, at the receiver side, three main noise sources are expected to degrade the carrier-to-noise ratio: An IDATE survey [] describes the roadmap of the evolution of the access through three key steps as depicted in Figure 3.

The time-window depends on the mobility pattern of subscribers, the size of radio cells, the network configuration sectorization, inter-raus direct traffic pipelining using X2 interface in LTE for instance, type of area covered This chapter hertaien on the salient features and issues of cellular backhaul with a focus on optical fiber as a promising answer to rising mobile data traffic.

Seismic exploration device and method of operation thereof with remote hsrtzien processing of seismic signals produced by individual seismic sensors. The data-rate of each trafficmix and the corresponding service composition are given in Table 3.