Completable empty = (completableSubscriber -> { The Completable API follows the concepts of the Reactive-Streams. Create, Lift and Transform. The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava. Creating a Single. Completable. Creating a Completable. Maybe. Creating a Maybe. RxCocoa traits. Driver. Why is it named Driver; Practical usage example.

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If any of the source CompletableSource s signal a Throwable via onErrorthe resulting Completable terminates with that Freate and all other source Vreate s are disposed. Maksim Ostrovidov 5, 3 27 Subscribes to this CompletableConsumable and returns a Disposable which can be used to dispose the subscription. The Reactive-Streams specification states that org. Nulls out references to the upstream producer and downstream CompletableObserver if the sequence is terminated or downstream calls dispose.

This example should foreshadow one property of the Completable API: This may look a bit complicated for such a simple operator. Home Archive About Submit your article. You can ignore the parameter this method or keep track all of the Subscription s in a composite.

The terminal event semantics is also the same as in Reactive-Streams. You specify which Scheduler this operator will use. Before we can emit any terminal event we have to call onSubscribe and send the child subscriber this BooleanSubscription instance 2. Note that this operator doesn’t allow disposing the connection of the upstream source. The Observable is observed in an unbounded backpressure mode and the unsubscription naturally composes through.

Note that misbehaving Completable sources can disrupt this and trigger early completion if they send multiple terminal events. Converts this Completable into a Maybe. In addition, I didn’t list all overloads so please consult with the source code of the class or the Javadoc once it becomes available online.

Clearer RxJava intentions with Single and Completable

Regardless, what does it take to write such an operator for Completable? Returns a Completable instance that subscribes to all sources at once and completes only when all source Completables complete or one of them emits an error. Returns a Completable instance that subscribes dreate the given publisher, ignores all values and emits only the terminal event. The definition of the CompletableSubscriber looks quite similar ccreate a Reactive-Streams Subscriber and was chosen over the rx.


Returns an Observable which when subscribed to subscribes to this Completable and relays the terminal events to the subscriber.

The CompletableSubscription will be ocmpletable for tracking each CompletableSubscriber and help manage the unsubscription based on their identity. Returns a Completable instance that repeats when the Publisher returned by the handler emits an item or completes when this Publisher emits a completed event.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The State class will hold onto the terminal indicator and the optional Throwable instance along with the array of known child CompletableSubscriber s: The structure here starts out as with any other Ceate before. This makes sure the wip counter is at least 1 so the terminal condition isn’t met while the loop is running.

java – How to create Observable out of Runnable? – Stack Overflow

So you could create a Completable first and then convert it to Observable: Creates a TestObserver and subscribes it to this Completable.

This now allows the wip counter to reach zero and terminate the whole process. Similar to the Reactive-Streams spec, when a terminal event is emitted, the aforementioned Subscription has to be considered unsubscribed. This complicates the error management and tracking of completed students slightly: The terminal condition is determined in the evaluator’s onCompleted method: Returns a Completable that repeatedly subscribes to this Completable so long as the given stop supplier returns false.

The teacher will register the Subscription s given by the student Completable s. The reason for this is that we don’t know how many students are going to get from the Iterablebut we know we have finished once the wip counter reaches zero after all students and the CompletableOnSubscribe finished.

Writing operators page about the tools, requirements, rules, considerations and pitfalls of implementing them. The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava base classes:.


Clearer RxJava intentions with Single and Completable

If both this and the other sources signal an error, only one of the errors is signaled to the downstream and the other error is signaled to the global error handler via RxJavaPlugins. You can convert a Single to a Completable, though, since a Single guarantees that onComplete will get called. Returns a Completable which first runs the other Completable then this completable if the other completed normally.

In addition, such operator can intercept the flow control calls of dispose and isDisposed that would have traveled upstream and perform additional actions depending on the same business logic requirements.

The reason for this replacement, and the use of MultipleAssignmentSubscription is to avoid unsubscribing the worker too early; a SerialSubscription or a CompositeSubscription would not allow this. Returns a Completable that runs this Completable and emits a TimeoutException in case this Completable doesn’t complete within the given time while “waiting” on the specified Scheduler.

The add and remove methods have the usual and familiar implementations that allows tracking the subscribed child CompletableSubscriber s.

Returns a Completable which subscribes to this and the other Completable and completes when both of them complete or one emits an error. Returns a Completable instance that if this Completable emits an error and the predicate returns true, it will emit an onComplete and swallow the throwable. Nonetheless, let’s see what each notable point does: Returns a Completable which conpletable subscribed, executes the callable function, ignores its normal result and emits onError or onComplete only.

Creating an instance via a lambda expression is also straightforward but one has to remember to call onSubscribe before calling the other onXXX methods. The second cpmpletable for the show order is that unsubscribing a Worker may cause unwanted interruptions down the line of onCompleted.

Throwable s that didn’t make into the composite will be sent individually to the global error handler via RxJavaPlugins.