CS Computer Organization and Architecture Lecture Notes – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Notes. CSComputer-Organization-and-Architecture lecture notes Anna University CSE 6TH SEMESTER. Complete Lecture Notes of CS Computer Organization and Architecture Unit_5. hosted by Saravana Kumar TM | Monday, 31 March

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What are the two orthogonal views of software? The vendors of hybrid chips are betting that a processor core embedded within a programmable logic device will require far too many gates for typical applications. What are the real-time requirements of an embedded system? Explain pass by reference. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: What are the complicating factors in embedded design?

Post Ur Queries to saravanaultimate gmail. Array 1-dimentional and multi-dimentional 4. Saturday, November 21, What are the characteristics of OOPs?

The following are organiaztion types of preprocessor directives: The execution unit implements data transfer and data conversion.


Give some examples for small scale embedded systems. What are dependability requirements of an embedded system? What do you meant by bus arbitration? CE Strength of Materials. What is the role of cache in pipelining?


First 64 bytes in a zero memory page should be reserved for vectors used by RST instructions. BA Notes Syllabus all 5 units notes are uploaded here.

What are advantages of high level languages? It shares with other threads belonging to the same process its code section, data section, and operating system resources such as open files and signals.

CS2253 Computer Organization and Architecture Nov Dec 2015 Question Paper

What is Multiple Inheritance? Lecture Notes of Computer Organization and Architecture for This approach is very similar to the software case where large programs are split into smaller and smaller sections until simple subroutines, Asynchronous serial UART input and output iii.

Three main components of embedded systems: Organizatino is used for displaying and messaging. This part of the chip also interfaces to dedicated address and data bus pins on the outside of the chip. There will be one conductor for each bit of information to be passed, e. Rapid IO interconnect specification v1. Mention the data structures available in C language. Give the limitations of polling technique.

What are the main components of an embedded system?

Hindi First Year Sem. CS Ardhitecture and Microcontrollers. List and explain the steps involved in the execution of a complete instruction.


Explain the various bus structures used in embedded systems 8.

QUESTION BANK – Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology

Define task and Task state. How do you overcome it?

A cs253 of doing one or more tasks according to a program. One common use is to prototype a lump of hardware that will eventually find its way into an ASIC.

ME Engineering Materials and Metallurgy. Operates at the rate of 1Mbps. In OOP, the concept of inheritance provides the idea of reusability. A class declaration defines a new type that links code and amd. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Give the VLSI design hierarchy The use of hierarchy or “divide and conquer” technique involves dividing a module into sub- modules and then repeating this operation on the sub-modules until the complexity of the smaller parts becomes manageable.

It is then used to declare objects of that ccs2253. Program flow control unit CU 2. What is a thread?