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If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this stranger, and any more spectacular — with Olympos you have your answer. Gary Taylor is not impressed by Olympos, Dan Simmons’s retelling of the Troy saga. I wanted to like it. After Ilium, I was all fired up for the big explanation. I was looking forward to Achilles being a legendary badass, and the.

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Kind of insulting to your rea What a complete disappointment!!

Illium and Olympos by Dan Simmons

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Then there are the overlong debates with the Greek generals. That threw me out of it. Or ignore all of the connections and enjoy it for its own sake! It’s not the worst book I’ve ever read. It is finally all explained, and it mostly makes sense. His explanation of the voynix complete with unnecessary and unconvincing connection to the Voynich Manuscript in particular is not just unsatisfying but infuriating, while I actually had to put the book down and walk away after he tried to explain Setebos through World As Myth bullshit stolen from Robert Heinlein and mixed with New Agey quantum mysticism.

Thankfully, in the deft hands of consummate storyteller Simmons, we begin to piece together what is happening in the universe. The novel’s conclusion is full of these convenient escapes, plot holes and simple omissions, and several major threads are left unresolved. Want to Read saving…. Most major cities are empty, crumbling ruins taken over by nature.


In reality, their numbers are much smaller than that, around , because each woman is allowed to have only one child. I’ll be very cautious before picking up anything new he writes. Odysseus is even addressed as “Teacher” by one of his listeners in a way reminiscent of Jesus being addressed as ” Rabbi ,” which is commonly translated as “Teacher”. As with most of what I’ve read by Dan Simmons, a recommended reading list: Glad to have made it past the first few chapters and to Hockenberry.

The novels are written in first-person, present-tense when centered on Hockenberry’s character, but features third-person, past-tense narrative in all other instances.


On these journeys, they endure various ordeals of little consequence, and a great deal of nothing occurs and is described at great length and in extraordinary detail by Simmons. Orphu of Io is more interested in Proust than Mahnmut’s Shakespeare, as he considers Proust “perhaps the ultimate explorer of time, memory, and perception.

Mahnmut’s submersible is named The Dark Ladyan allusion to a figure in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Like IliumOlympos is a mixed bag for me. Hockenberry, a seemingly rather weak character, through deception, desperation, and pure ballsiness managed the manipulate the Greeks and Trojans into turning their war against the cruel olympox Gods.

To be challenged and rewarded? But it’s worth the effort, even as you’re running out of breath.

Review: Olympos

Greek gods in a SF setting really do feel silly. Proustian memory investigations had a heavy hand in the novel’s making, which helps explain why Simmons chose Ada or Ardor: He’s simmons attributed that coincidence to “helping in simons things in perspective when it comes to the relative importance of writing and life. Their dam are to observe the Trojan War and report the discrepancies that occur between it and Homer’s Iliad.

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Olympos should have stuck with the continuing story arcs from Ilium rather than focusing so much time and energy on this. The action jumps between three main story lines. I need a literary pallet cleanser. Ilium is thematically influenced by extropianismpeopled as it is with post-humans of the far future.

OLYMPOS by Dan Simmons | Kirkus Reviews

Don’t read this if you are looking for answers from the questions in Ilium, you won’t get them. It goes on tangents, abandoning the story arcs that made Ilium so compelling. Simmons really wanted to end the series in two books, but there was just too much there to really do so.

Major conflicts peter out to nothing. Put together they are 1, pages in paperback or 1, in hardback.

The old-style eloi humans really are incredibly childlike and to see them take on evil in their paradise when things come crashing down is fascinating although I was never quite clear whether it was the Moravecs or the calibani that were the Morlocks to their Eloi. Like its predecessor Ilium, Dan Simmons’s new novel combines the historical olympox literary Trojan war with biotechnology, nano-engineering, quantum physics, geology, astronomy, sex, politics, and religion.

The society that the old-style humans live in also resembles that of Antiterraa parallel of our Earth circa 19th century, which features a society in which there exists a lack of repression and Christian moralityshown by Daeman’s intent to seduce his cousin.