Tantric Yoga The Science of Psycho-Physical Transformation The Three . The present work by David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) is ideally suited to. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda | Author: David Frawley | Foreword: George Feuerstein | List Price: $ | Pages: Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses is an excellent book introducing the essence of Hindu Tantrism. the book discusses all the major David Frawley.

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However, traditional Tantra does not encourage mere emotional expression, which only causes greater attachment to emotions and through them to the outer world.

The main Sanskrit word for boat or ship nau also means the word nau and, as a feminine term, indicates Ihra. Yet Hinduism is not a religion in Western sense of a belief-oriented system emphasizing one book, prophet or church.

We must lose all of our attachments, including our own body and mind. The householder tradition may include sexual yoga practices, though seldom the graphic kind depicted in modem Western books on Tantra. One can use a Yantra — as in the widespread use of the Sri Yantra as a meditation or design symbol 48 — Tannic Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses — — without knowing its Thntra or Mantra, though such practice is not considered complete.

Another distinction is that the left-handed path is said tatnric be the way of ecstasy and the right-handed path the way of peace. For our spiritual re-creation or resurrection we must first allow the attachment to our material nature to be destroyed.

The teaching of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses is little known but is characteristically Tantric, and it affords Western students reliable access to the metaphysics and spiritual discipline of Tantrism. We only reach this level through deep meditation or as an act of grace. She is thus the inner guiding power. Spiritual ideas are clothed in a concrete imagery and approached as a living being.


Time frwaley either beguiling us to pursue some experience, or educating us to merge into the ground of experience itself which is the eternal presence. For each mantra there is a seer, which in daid case of the Goddess is her corresponding consort or form of Lord Shiva. While such open-mindedness is helpful in expanding our horizons, it is not without its limitations. Yet such unconventional behavior can be used as an excuse to cover an inability to control our desires, and can result in exploitation.

This is to prepare the foundation for our examination of the worship of the Goddess and the practice of Tantric Ffrawley in the following sections of the book As we explore the different forms of the Goddess, we will note the many different levels of significance each Goddess relates to and the many different daivd in which her energy can be contacted.

In modem Western culture we are attached to Rajas tanttic Tamas drama and sensation. Tb really understand it we must examine its teaching as a whole.

This requires clearing away limited understandings of Tantra and going beyond the naive view of Tantra as mere sex and sensation.

The three dimensional form of the Sri Chakra is also a Shiva linga. The Literal Tradition Left-handed Tantra includes a tradition of using the five forbidden things as part of sacred rituals.

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses : Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda

Pranayama and mantra go together. Through her we discover the serenity of the Self. It really belongs to the eternal.

They are not meant to merely console or inspire but to promote within us the deepest search. Rather, the linga is an attempt to portray the higher unity of the cosmic masculine and feminine forces, which is what we are really seeking through sexuality. Any outward, formal, or substance-oriented action can keep the mind bound to the external world.

Shiva is the passivity of the will, which accomplishes all things without itself moving. Tantra looks upon emotions as tools for spiritual growth. Worshipping the two powers helps us transmute ordinary sexual desire. The Ten Wisdom Goddesses are originally associated with the myth of restoring the Vedic teaching, which through the process of time had fallen under the forces of decay and corruption.


Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda by David Frawley

Symbolism based on Hindu astrology occurs in many Tantric teachings. Many great proponents of world- negating Vedanta have been Tantric masters. We do not even know how we move, breathe or think.

Ultimately the suspension of the breath in Samadhi is required to understand her reality. This is the allure of Kali.

The author discusses all the major concepts and offers valuable corrections for many existing misconceptions. Simple puja involves the offering of five things to the deity. Puja involves Prana-pratishta, putting life Prana into the icon. If we offer positive thoughts into the fire, like the wish for universal peace, it strengthens and magnifies them. Tantra does not emphasize the personal expression of emotions but the understanding of emotion as a play of consciousness.

Whereas Durga represents the power that overcomes or destroys obstacles and difficulties, Tara is the power which takes us beyond them.

Bagalamukhi as the Goddess of Yoga 9. For this reason many teachers — including some who have been true Tan trie teachers — have avoided using the name Tantra. Hence Tantric worship is primarily meditation.

Our desire to live forever reflects our eternal being — the fact that in our true fraeley we never change, much less pass away.