Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom: Book 1 [David Wingrove] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Year is China has once again. Novelist and critic David Wingrove has been writing seriously since he was a and with some justification: his first published series Chung Kuo is in excess of. Mr. Wingrove has announced a publication date for Chung Kuo book The Stone Within on his social David Wingrove (@David_Wingrove) August 10,

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The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo, #1) by David Wingrove

He is married and, with his wife Susan, has four daughters: It is, in a sense, an exercise in Recursive SFin which an investigator from an Alternate World version of Earth travels to various planets, where he meets famous sf writers who there go by the names of their most famous characters, with Isaac Asimov appearing as Susan Calvin, George Orwell as Winston Smith, and so on.

Chung Kuo is a future history on wingfove epic, operatic scale. I hear that once Wingrove gets all his ducks in the row, the novels do pick up and roll. Buy this, or if you can’t buy this, get it out of the library.

More news as it comes in if a day or two lateā€¦.

Un bel romanzo, che nella prospettiva di questi ultimi anni, con la crescita violenta della societa’ cinese, non appare nemmeno piu’ del tutto di fantasia Wjngrove probably have not read anything else in wingrovr particular vein since- I have always had a vivid imagination and the last nineteen years of the cold war were also the first nineteen years of my lifehence I do not need any help to imagine a dystopian future.


North BatterseaLondon. There are also Martian research bases and the outer colonies, with their mining planets. It also keeps just enough uncertainty in the plot to make it interesting.

And they did turn my stomach. The novels present a future history of an Earth luo by China. Once I stopped stressing about who exactly was who, the book clipped right along for me.

David Wingrove

This is the future Only Jack Chalker and one of the authors of the “Wild Cards” series have ever equalled the utter vileness of Chung Kuo. The ninth volume “Monsters of the Deep” was published 19 October[4].

My first attempt to read a SF series. The bad parts are an ending that seems to arbitrarily set up the cliffhanger for the next book just so one side doesn’t seem to winvrove in too much of a position of strength, and a single character, Major Howard deVore.

This includes two brand new prequel novels, Son of Heaven released February. Each continent is ruled by a T’ang or essentially an Emperor.

Wingrove worked in the banking industry for 7 years until he became fed up with it. The characters may all react to the force driving them, but they react organically enough it makes sense. The world in this book is one we rarely see, a Chinese world. The idea of a world dominated by a future China is well done in parts, a well fleshed out political and house structure and it’s obviously for the most part skirting the edges of a race struggle with Europeans against the might of the Chinese but does so without getting too black and white or good and evil with some sympathetic characters on both sides.

Anyone else out there doing another read-through?

Non sono nemmeno riuscito a trovare in rete Da: It held my interest for its somewhat original premise and the science fiction elements, but it’s a long read and the names and storylines have not stuck with me. For one thing, while there is a lot of energy, the pacing is definitely off.


Okay, so the rundown is as follows. Part of this is me missing the story and involvement with this site; another part of it is just procrastinating on my PhD dissertation. Some of the characters managed to lift off the page eventually although most stayed as flat and stylized as the characters of China’s chuhg languageeven if most of their actions involved either being stomped on or stomping on someone else.

Book 1 of 8 in the original run of Chung Kuo. The section on Chung Kuo art is several pages long and his write-up on the pieces is daviid.

Views Read Edit View history. While the menace was always looming close, I feel like Wingrove only grossly fell prey to it on a few occasions. Novelist and critic David Wingrove has been writing seriously since he was a teenager and now has twenty-six novels to his credit, along with several volumes of non-fiction. He wouldn’t let me read it, and didn’t think much of it, and really the only reason I was interested in it was because I was going through a phase of asiaphilia and I thought the little full-color insert showing a wizened emperor on a futuristic throne looked “cool”.

But of course you can never hold back change, not for long.