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View and Download Dbx XT instruction manual online. dbx XT Compressor/Limiter Instruction manual. XT Air Compressor pdf manual download. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by DBX. To purchase XT spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. Classic compressor for recording or stage use. Balanced and unbalanced inputs/ outputs. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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This is a special negative compression effect whereby the program dynamics are inverted above the set threshold i. In the studio, the 1 60XT can be used on everything from vocals to percussion. Hard-Knee Compression Curve Figure maunal This will suppress the program material pre- ceding this loud passage.

However, gentle tapping of a drumstick or brushing of the cymbal will not be held back. Mark the package with the name of the shipper, and with these words in red: Customer Service The Schematic for the XT boards and power supply are provided on the inside back cover.

Contact our Customer Service Department for information regard- ing factory installation of the optional balanced transformer.


Plug into mains power. Connection to an inappropriate mannual source may result in extensive damage which is not covered by the dgx. Be sure to verify both the actual line voltage and the voltage for which your Model X was wired, as indicated on the rear panel of your unit.


Some common examples include: Raising a signal out of a mix Since reducing dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, a single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression. If multi-way loudspeakers with low-level electronic crossovers are used, the XT s should go after the crossover s.

Be pre- pared to accurately describe the problem.

These features make the Model X compatible with the operating levels of virtually all professional sound and creative mamual equipment. Verify that the 1 60XT package contains the following: This is not a chas- sis-isolate switch. Your 1 60XT was carefully packed at the factory in a protective carton.

That is, when a phone plug is inserted, the detector input is no longer connected in parallel with the audio input. This is equivalent to a cable with V 4 ” Mono Phone plugs on both manusl.

The best starting point is to ground the shield of the input cable at the source device leaving it unconnected at the 1 60XT and to ground the shield of the output cable to the ground terminal of the 1 60XT leaving it unconnected at the receiving device. Use the original packing material if xbx is available. Our phone number is listed on the inside of the front cover. Ensure that all terminals are securely tightened and rbx there are no loose strands of wire.

Remember that, as with any amplifier, excessive gain may lead to output clipping of high level signals.

Full text of “DBX: X XT Service Manual”

Also, do not remove the cover without first amnual the unit from the mains supply. If obvious physical damage is noticed contact the carrier immediately to make a damage claim.


Increasing sustain To increase the sustain of a musical instrument e.

If you are using a Stereo phone plug at the next device, tie the Ring and Sleeve together, and connect the sleeve to the wire’s Shield. Using your EQ to reduce feedback in live settings. An unbalanced line is generally a single-conductor shielded cable with the center conductor carrying the signal and the shield at ground potential.

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A balanced line is defined as two-conductor shielded cable with the two center conductors carrying the same signal but of opposite polarity with re- spect to ground. The Ring conductor is never connected to anything when the XT is driving single-ended inputs. Rear Panel [ 3E? Another option is to install an output trans- former, which will allow grounding of either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type out- put see page The equalization in the de- tector circuit means that the compressor is not triggered as readily by a loud tom-tom beat as by an equally loud cymbal crash.

Mounting the unit directly over large heat-producing devices such as a vacuum-tube power amplifier may shorten component life and is not rec- ommended. Do not short either pin 2 or pin 3 to ground.