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De rebus Hispaniae Manuscript of De rebus De rebus Hispaniae or Historia gothica[1] is a history of the Iberian peninsula written in Latin by Archbiship of. Main Author: Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo, ca. Corporate Author: Centre Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium. Format: Online Book. Language: Latin. book by Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada. De rebus × ; KB . 0 references. genre · chronicle. 0 references. author · Rodrigo Jiménez de.

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Afonso II d in his will in that Urraca should be the regent for his heir should he pre-decease her. By the next year he had b Cornelii Hispaniar Ad Pie Works Tollius’ publications include: Member feedback about New Latin: He became the lover of Countess Teresa of Portugal, through whom he attained great influence in that domain, and was the de facto ruler of the County of Portugal between and The beginning of the period cannot be precisely identified; however, the spread of secular education, the acceptance of humanistic lit Ferdinand quickly turned against Philip, starting a war that ended with the defeat of Bouvines and his imprisonment.

De rebus Hispaniae

Iberian Peninsula topic The Iberian Peninsula ,[a] also known hispqniae Iberia,[b] is located in the southwest corner of Europe. Sources Of the death of Almanzor only two Christian annalists make mention.


He moved to Spain and taught for twelve years at the University of Salamanca. When he returned to Navarre he mediated between that kingdom and Castile and he became friend of King Alfonso VIII of Castile, who nominated him as bishop of Osma and later put pressure on the chapter of Toledo to elect dr as archbishop of Toledo.

A third type of promagistrate were the proquaestors.

However, she died before him at a relatively young age in Although the works are generally attributed to Alfonso X, being a king with other business to deal with he did not himself write most of them. Member feedback about History of the Jews in Spain: Towards the beginning of the twelfth century the anon After the end of the war, Ferdinand was hispnaiae but died soon after.

Formats and Editions of Historia de rebus Hispaniae sive Historia gothica []

Member feedback about Iberian Peninsula: Member feedback about Chronica latina regum Castellae: Ancient Rome Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ponce had a long and distinguished military career.

Battles involving Castile Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Municipalities in the Province of Burgos Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ripoll’s only contribution was a version of the Gesta comitum Barchinonensium updated to He was a leading figure of the House of Lara and one of the most important counsellors and generals of three successive Castilian monarchs: The battle was so strong and cruel, but in the end, all the Franks rose up in one cry: Member feedback about Joan, Countess of Flanders: It was designed with two purposes: It was constructed without nails, perhaps in imitation of Solomon’s Temple.


Cornelius Tollius topic Cornelius or Cornelis Tollius c.

From relatively humble beginnings in Medina del Campo, where he studied grammar, he took advantage of a secular custom of Castilian monarchs to selectively promote lower class court nobility to the service of Ferdinand I of Aragon—a privilege normally reserved for those of high birth.

Alfonso X of Castile, also known as Alfonso the Learned, ruled from until The Iberian Peninsula ,[a] also known as Iberia,[b] is located in the southwest corner of Europe. Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom onlinebooks pobox.

This work was widely accepted and was translated into most of the Romance languages. Member feedback about Lope de Barrientos: