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Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with. Manuale dell’utente. DK WARNUNG wird in diesem Handbuch verwendet um an- zuzeigen, dass eine ernsthafte Victoria Australia. My Dell c laser printer was printing very badly – parts of the picture were falling off the paper as dust. I thought perhaps cheap toner was to.

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To fill in the fields, enter the information as follows: When the test is completed, Print is displayed.

Dell recommends cleaning the scanner at the start of each day and during the day, as needed. Bitmapped and Scalable Fonts The multifunction printer uses both bitmapped and scalable fonts. Click the Create button.

Dell Multifunction Color Laser Printer cn User’s Guide

If this is the case, send the fax as black and white. Specifies the volume in Min for the incoming faxes. Print Text Displays whether the multifunction printer outputs PDL Page Description Language data, which is not supported by the multifunction printer, as text when the 31155cn printer receives Banner Sheet Displays the position of banner sheet.

If the IP address shows 0. Used when auto-detecting the PostScript communication protocol.

With the connector of the duplexer toward the slot, push the duplexer into the slot. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Guide This section consists of the following instructions: To register the Additional Driver, follow the instructions below.

Power Saver Displays the amount of time before the multifunction printer enters the power saver Timer Mode 2 timer mode 2 edll it finishes a print job. Port Number Displays the port number. Dell recommends that you try a limited sample of any print media you are considering using with the multifunction printer before purchasing large quantities.


To scan and send an 3115nc to a program, click the program icon and then scan the item. Not Print Prints the report when a communication error is detected. The following reports are available: Specifies the amount of time before the multifunction printer enters power saver mode Mode1 after it finishes a job. You can change the Printer Name and driver setup according to your requirement. Owner Displays the job owner’s name.


To print Protocol Monitor report. Quantity Displays the number of copies you 31115cn for the printer default value. To specify a symbol set for a specified font. Press to save the selection. Hold both sides of the transfer belt unit with both hands and pull up the left side of the unit until the peg on the left hnadbuch comes out of the groove.

Dell transfer belt units are available hamdbuch through Dell. Install a multifunction printer to the already-operating wireless network When wireless setting is already set to your computer For Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol network: To specify that data received from certain IP addresses through the wireless network is blocked.

Wired Network Use the Wired Network menu to change printer settings affecting jobs sent to the multifunction printer through the wired network. To use the Fax Defaults del modify the Fax menu defaults.

Asset Tag Number Displays the printer’s asset tag number. Double-click the icon on your desktop. Using the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool to Change System Settings If your multifunction printer is connected to the network, you can change the operator panel settings from You can also assign the IP address to the multifunction printer when installing the printer drivers with installer.

Auto Fit Automatically reduces or enlarges the original image to fit on the paper currently loaded in the multifunction printer. The change becomes effective after the printer is turned off and then on again.

After executing this function and rebooting the printer, all wireless network settings are reset to their default values. A pause must be entered in order for the access code to function. Setting the Machine ID In most countries, you 3115c required by law to indicate your fax number on any fax you send.

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Date Format Sets the time in the 12H format. Duplex printing or two-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Del an error message appears, see “Understanding Multifunction Printer Messages. Load the document to be faxed 3115cn the document feeder glass, and close the cover.

Option Problems If an option does not operate correctly following installation or stops working: Address Manual Subnet Sets the subnet mask. Prints on one side of the paper. Ensure the width and length guides on the print media vell are adjusted correctly. However, if you use one of the Microsoft methods, you will not have all of the features, such as the status monitor and other printer utilities, that are installed with the Drivers and Utilities CD.

If a number is already stored in the location you chose, the 3151cn shows the number to allow you to change it. To return to the standby mode, press Cancel. Power Saver Displays the status for the power saver mode 2. Pull the separator roller hook out of the groove in the axle, and then slide the separator roller to the right.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option button, and then click Install. To determine the language of the text on the operator panel screen. Your multifunction printer has a built-in network interface.