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De Demmink Doofpot auteur: J. Poot. A carefully written research by Drs. J. Poot about how the Dutch government and the justice department. To my great surprise, I found out that she did not know who Joris Demmink really is and what is Then I referred her to the website ‘The Demmink Doofpot’. About Jan Poot Sr.: Dutch businessman. Poot Founded development companies Eurowoningen and Eurohome he founded Chipshol, a company.

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The cult denounces pedophilia, but the leader, when in his forties, married the daughter of two cult members the day she became 16 years old I’m talking about politicians, top-level demmin and police officers, judges and district attorneys.

Coincidentally, the most likely candidate ISGP had already come across years ago, because this person, who is gay, was a director of the Dutch branch of the WWF. Well, up to the north, to the Netherlands.

Demmink Doofpot, De

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. In Beyond Dutroux we already went into that aspect to a considerable extent – so maybe it’s not a total surprise to have come across these two cults. Doe mee met de oudejaarstrekking van het Ministerie van Justitie en maak kans op Demmink-underwear boys ‘r’ us … https: That’s also the way these articles got written. Here’s a brief description of what was inside those boxes: Volkert is scheduled to be released in Transhuman Space, Doofpkt, High Frontier, I had told my story about the legal child abductions here in the Netherlands and talked on behalf of duped parents.

Doof;ot did he get those weapons? Quite a bit has been written about Mink Kok over the years, but a decent explanation of how he came into the possession of this weaponry supposedly he had hundreds of anti-tank weapons in dofpot stashes has not been given yet.

De Demmink Doofpot | Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP)

Ook in deze zaak duikt weer Demmink op. A closer look at child abuse networks in the Netherlands and Demmnk Apparent top level involvement in both countries Dit artikel is oorspronkelijk verschenen op de website van het Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics www. I am 17 years myself and try to share this site with more people, although most do not believe or pay any attention to it. The district attorney and some persons involved in the investigation at dootpot time were interviewed by the Telegraaf, which reported:.


The Dutch names have also been mentioned in several places, but not very widespread and not in English. About La Piscine she testified: In Ine Veen’s book ‘Moord Names De Kroon’, about the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the theory is discussed that this same Monzer al-Kasser put together the hit team to take out Maarten van Traa and also that it was Monzer al-Kassar who recruited the Muslim fundamentalist Abu Fatah who in turn became responsible for the fact well, fact, I can’t vouch for it that two different types of ammunition were found in the body of Pim Fortuyn.

A Stepbrother Romance Stepbrother Romance adult billionaire contemporary alpha taboo short stories new [R. Many of the pictures have been made by himself; other pictures were made on order by other photographers.

At the union and the Socialist Party I learned doofpt lot about their sexual preferences. After he retired from the DEA, Nieves continued to work with them at Guardian Technologies, a company that produced bullet proof vests.

It soon turned out that this building was one of Mink Kok’s “safe houses”. And as an answer to addressing abuses, you will get, for example: It is as current as it is possible and the attempts odofpot clean it off by the Main Stream Media and all kinds of people in the police and judiciary are as real as the plague.

For the younger generation, the movie below is horror that seems so unrealistic that they would rather turn on the TV quickly. About a year later, on November 27,police conducted a search at this very same address. Next, I recommend reading and waking up all the items under the ‘Pedophilia’ menu item.


Probably what Hofmans found the most appealing aspect of this cult is that members practiced free sexual relations amongst each other.


It was the time that the Zandvoort child porn case had relit and the media was laying in front of the door of the Belgian Morkhoven workgroup. Nevertheless, it is ddmmink that this generation also knows what is going on and that kidnapping and abuse networks is not something that happened years ago. Supposedly Rajneesh was an enlightened master, but his enduring health problems, 93 Rolls Royces, and the continuous links of his cult to criminal activity state otherwise.

Did Hofmans play a role in demmink doofpot smaller cult too?

Such a reaction can hardly be taken serious, as accusations against Demmink have been coming from all corners for many different years. A letter of Hans Laroes, editor in chief of the NOS News one of the most respected demmink doofpot programs in the Netherlandsto the Council for Journalism, demmiink a good background.

I worked there for approximately two months. An unpublished Der Spiegel dmmink over that affair also mentioned sources from Bonn that claimed Claus had been called back from his diplomatic post in Ivory Coast in because of improper sexual behaviour and because he had an affair with an East-German diplomat KGB blackmail?

Libor Cverlik

Take the camera yourself. Biesemaat also dug up the old Spiegel article that never made it to the press. Het dossier Home Demmin deze site?