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Directiva /2/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 14 de marzo de infraestructura de información espacial en la Comunidad Europea (Inspire). on the implementation of Directive /2/EC of March establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). / regarding the definition of a INSPIRE metadata element. / recante attuazione della direttiva /2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del.

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Languages, formats and link to OJ. In order to bring about such integration, it is necessary to establish a measure of coordination between the users and providers of the information so that information and knowledge from different sectors can be combined.

EUR-Lex – DC – EN – EUR-Lex

ec Some of the less advanced Member States also reported competition with parallel national policies on open data and eGovernment for administrative reasons different competent authoritiesand the low relevance of environmental issues in a wider policy context. The Directive needs to be fully implemented by 7. Annex I contains basic data themes, e.

Modelli digitali di elevazione per superfici emerse, ghiacci e superfici oceaniche. Sono diettiva le zone terrestri e acquatiche, interamente naturali o seminaturali, distinte in base agli elementi geografici, abiotici e biotici.

Member States should take the necessary measures to prevent such practical obstacles to the sharing of data, using for example prior agreements between public authorities. Need more search options?

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Elevazione Modelli digitali di elevazione per superfici emerse, ghiacci e superfici oceaniche. Per il Parlamento europeo Il presidente H. Aree gestite, regolamentate o utilizzate per la comunicazione di dati a livello internazionale, europeo, nazionale, regionale e locale.

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Languages and formats available. Good progress in implementation been made in only the few Member States where the necessary investments were made and implementation of the Directive was aligned with wider national action on open data policies and better eGovernment services. Reti di trasporto su strada, su rotaia, per via aerea e per vie navigabili e relative infrastrutture.

Harmonised multi-resolution grid with a common point of origin and standardised location and size of grid cells.

200 The necessary coordination structures and data-sharing policies were generally put in place with the transposition see above. Such services may be covered by disclaimers, click-licences or, where necessary, licences. The network of services should also include the technical possibility to enable public authorities to make their spatial data sets and innspire available.

Skip to main content. Geographical areas characterised by specific ecological conditions, processes, structure, and life support functions that physically direttova the organisms that live there. Other Member States reported similar projects. The Member States Additional information: Geology Geology characterised according to composition and structure.

Many acknowledged that greater interoperability is needed to achieve efficiency gains. Use the Advanced search. Metadata shall include information on the following: The Commission shall be responsible for coordinating Inspire at Community level and shall be assisted for that purpose by relevant organisations and, in particular, by the European Environment Agency.

OJ L This evaluation is based on information available at the mid-way point of implementation i. Sistemi di griglie geografiche Griglia multi-risoluzione armonizzata con un punto di origine comune e un posizionamento e una dimensione standard delle celle.


Cadastral parcels Areas defined by cadastral registers or equivalent. The various steps are detailed below. Member States also questioned the effectiveness of future data harmonisation step 5 due eirettiva the significant effort and cost involved in transforming existing datasets to meet the new requirements deadlines in and The quantitative evaluation of costs and benefits was difficult to do due to a lack of comprehensive and diretttiva data.

Need more search options? Parcelle catastali Aree definite dai registri catastali o equivalenti. On reporting, some pilot projects have been completed, such as the air quality reporting pilot, but none has reached full operational maturity.

Help Print this page. Orto immagini Immagini georeferenziate della superficie terrestre prese da satellite o da telesensori. Member States should therefore make available, as a minimum and free of charge, inspirs services for discovering and, subject to certain specific conditions, viewing spatial data sets.

Background Before5 spatial data was difficult to find online at national and EU level, and were often poorly documented. Geo-referenced image data of the Earth’s surface, from either satellite or airborne sensors. Directive as last amended by the Act of Accession. Siti protetti Aree designate o gestite in un quadro legislativo internazionale, comunitario o degli Stati membri per conseguire obiettivi di conservazione specifici.