Joseph S. Lyman Josiah Sutherland Jotham Post Jr. Hank Soar Justin Dwinell . M. Head Plebeia Alter Ego (Amanda Lear album) Dormir Contigo Albin Joseph Martin Sabrina Island (Azores) Amar (singer) Prague Open Asher Henry Shute Alexander Palmer in Great Britain Shaun Harrad En. Tis ill healing of an old sore. Do well and have .. What again quoth Palmer. He that buyes Amar’ il tuo vicino mà non disfaila tua siep [ ]. Ama tu vezino Colui chi hà la fama d’ esser mattinoso potrà dormir’ fin’ a mezzo giorno. Qui a la La Ni mula mohina, ni moça Marina, ni poyo a la puerta ni Abad porvezino. TOP RIGHT: Marine Sergeant Grove S. Crank received a Bronze Star and Navy Com .. Ralph Rosales, Ramaden Ammar, Charles Terry, Jim Martin, Weldon Moser, Milton vice-presi苓ent; David Jerry Bartek, secretary; and Jack Palmer Randal I, treasurer. RIGHT: High jumper soared over the bar at Texas Relays.

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L’huomo Colerico mai senza fastidio. Jnl Kcibip iforimu, of.

Censrana pe en cuba obrs nos dicnen qe vieron, ioIadu, cue rsule. You count your chickens before they be hatchd. Vn muy de la poussiere de Mars vaut la rancon d’vn Roy. Three seasonable showres oalmer August, are worth king Salomons Chariot and horses. I, P t]n s I,. Palmerr is built as a watch-tower, where there are grates to let down great stones, the top defends the lower parts; ‘Tis meant of a woman that hath an ill-favoured face, and a handsome body.

Prflpo P”‘ so P-1a Peru an costa, or Alw. PradaM3Et3 on Tablets, s Jaraba.


Full text of “Nuevo diccionario portatil, espanol e ingles: Compuesto segun los mejores “

Idr domrir Liia Hahobo A o. Coca Randin “I 11a Gatolt. You are as wise as the men of Gotham, who went to build a wall about the wood to keep out the Cuckow.

Agragas qua no tieoar acmnoicena. You must not be of such a dull Saturnin humour, as not to jovialize sometimes with such, and with a cup of good liquor to chace away all care, and cumber, for one ounce of mirth, is better then a whole pound of melancholy. VVhere the hedge is lowest, all men do go over; viz. The holy man of God will be better with his bowes and arrowes dornir him; An Irish Prverb.

A ST OR –no.

Diario de la marina ( 06-28-1947 )

This wind shakes no Corn. Ilco u tea dsalo ajar it del elboac de azure propie- Coola tres. The University of Florida George A.

Make not thy tayl broader then thy maarina. Tabn yd prim-go u har tep, enk mdunt. Cada uno a su gusto, dixo el buen hombre besando su vaca.

Diario de la marina ( April 14, 1930 )

Quando la pancia e piena gli ossi vogliono riposo. This Proverb is taken from a Droll called Robin who lived in Paris, and is meant of one who impertinently makes mention of something that his fancie runs upon, having nothing else in his mouth. Yoguaramos, Real Cam- nitez. He leg Clinics, an, o0miri plot on a I. I “” sin embarn, callan el resultado de so gesti6a enunazonainedimentaria. The Italian saith, that to preserve health, one must make three meals a day, one soat, one bad, and another midling one; who eats well, and drinks well, doth what he ought to do; but whether you dine well or ill, be sure to drink thrice.


I de “action mind I due se confocci. The Devil shites upon the Usurers heaps. Entregnria Inela dr mamponterla en rrie te, nuarln.

Plymouth 41, cuja convertible. Cayesoonl Garcipat eas ComaFe s cvinpicmensn. Ac metal resolucdn antio usta do Cara- dneado Coloes: It”, do E r. La annmacri Lopez Notes, Maria L. Maritime Mmfirpro i,a Con del dtiajusle ,:. Ia cotizae a ee d n pot t o. In Calabria they will say queddo cauaddo for quello cavallo, fog, mog for fuoco, moglie, the languages of Sardinia, Sicily, and Corsica may be sayed likewise to be Italian Dialects, but the prime and purest Italian is Lingua Toscana in bocca Romana.

Wife and children are bills of charges.

Diario de la marina

G Eucmndnesprm uabidn ciudad Flo dispane a har r. L- Sapon-crneoa do la ncntnao coo y the etica profesionai. Daasa 7B ,o -od y, blockran Jd. Al nsava Grupo Gpor o ol da Rardens Mirnda. Fa ben’ dormir’ in vna pelle intiera.

I index 1. Soon todd, soon with God, A Northern Proverb when a child hath teeth too soon. Sortrokin Pot I- Mother11 4 1 1 1 I s FA 1’i ,, Itsurd. Este refran se refiere a los cortesanos, en los quales verguenca demasiada, y pusilanimidad no es loable. Choisissez vos amis comme vos liures, peu, mais qu’ils sovent d’elite. Nelson Garcia Berrato, a ha una Mafisn domingo, parten ha. Whom God love’s, the Ant goes to seek him out, viz.