Duino Elegies & The Sonnets to Orpheus A Dual-Language Edition Written by Rainer Maria Rilke Translated by Stephen Mitchell. Duino Elegies & The Sonnets . Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke. Shambhala Publications, Inc., Translated by Stephen Mitchell. The First Elegy Who, if I cried out, would hear me . The Ninth Duino Elegy. —Rainer Maria Rilke Why, if this interval of being can be Superabundant being wells up in my heart. (Translated by Stephen Mitchell).

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From early on in life we wrap ourselves in inadequate intellectual I dragged these Elegies with me for a long time, never really warming to them. Creatures of stillness crowded from the bright unbound forest, out of their lairs and nests; and it was not from any dullness, not from fear, that they were so quiet in themselves, but from just listening. Oh believe me, you no longer need your springtimes to win me over-one of them, ah, even one, is already too much for my blood.

Is it any less difficult for lovers? Rilke muses on the human condition filtered through the archetypes of the hero and those who die young. Jun 26, Richard rated it liked it. Bellow, roar, shriek seemed small inside their hearts. Mystery I hope I can unveil the next time I read this book.

Duino Elegies – Rainer Maria Rilke – Google Books

El espacio estrellado se refleja en sonidos. Purchase at Barnes and Noble. Jan 31, Regan rated it it was amazing. But Nature, spent and exhausted, takes lovers back Into herself, as if there were not enough strength To create elegkes a second time.


I really wanted to love this book, since I love poetry and I have read some excerpts of other works of Rainer Maria Rilke e,egies I thought they were pretty interesting. His poems of ecstatic identification with the world have exerted a perennial fascination for contemporary readers. But I just couldn’t bring myself to appreciate this one. A god can do it. He wrote in both verse and a highly lyrical prose.

Ah, will you discover mitcnell theme before your song consumes itself? No trivia or quizzes yet. For there is no place where we can remain. Many lines ring in my heart.

But they keep on using each other to hide their own fate. A nice edition but Stephen Mitchell’s translation hits me the hardest.

Duino Elegies and the Sonnets to Orpheus

Every angel is terrifying. Or high up, sgephen eulogy entrusted you with a mission, As, last year, on the plaque in Santa Maria Formosa. It strikes me almost as pure gobbledegook.

It is clear that his translations are thoughtful and intelligent, emotional and trustworthy. Jan 03, Niara Martins rated it really liked it. Duino Elegies and The Sonnets to Orpheus. Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the German language’s greatest 20th century poets. Rilke’s years of depression, his experience in WWI, the elegiees exotic location of their composition, all culminating in Rilke’s “hurricane of the spirit” and the feverish completion of these poems.


Duino Elegies and The Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke

Every angel is terrifying. In this immeasurable darkness, be the power that rounds your senses in their magic ring, the sense of their mysterious encounter. Refresh wtephen try again. Fling the emptiness out of your arms into the spaces we breathe. I find it very surprising that this somewhat new book marks the first time these two works have been collected together, considering how strongly Rilke felt about them working in tandem.

A blessing that transforms a man into an artist, something that lets him live without drowning in a loud sea of despair. The greatest book I have ever read. The eternal torrent whirls all ages along in it, through both realms forever, and their voices are drowned out in its thunderous roar.

According to one of the notes in the book I am extremely grateful for them, but they weren’t enoughthese angels have nothing to do with the angels of the Christian heaven. Mitcjell must say, I haven’t read something so beautifully strange since my encounter with Rimbaud. And if the earthly no longer knows your name, whisper to the silent earth: