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Find the most up-to-date version of EEMUA PUB NO at Engineering EEMUA Guide for the Procurement of Valves for Low Temperature (Non- Cryogenic) Service. This publication has been prepared for users and contractors involved in the procurement of process valves for operation in moderately cold conditions, typically.

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These documents are generally complementary to those of NACE though they differ in scope and detail.

Material standards and committees for the international oil & gas

Welding procedure tests for the arc welding of aluminium and its alloys ISO —7 Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials — Part 7: ISO —2 Mechanical properties of corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners — Part 2: Non-alloy and alloy Mo, Cr and CrMo steels with specified elevated temperature properties ISO —3 Steel forgings and rolled or forged bars for pressure purposes — Technical delivery conditions — Part 3: It covers all items of equipment used, from the well to the export pipelines and also recommends test methods for evaluating materials performance.

The Working Group are to promote femua collection, review and, where appropriate, publication of field experience and laboratory test data related to the cracking resistance of metallic materials in H2S-containing environments. Petroleum and related technologies The benefits of standardisation, such as cost reduction and a speedier distribution of products can be expected.

To make ISO standards more usable in emeua market, international trade will be further promoted. Pipes of requirement class B EN This is a major achievement. ISO —9 Preparation wemua steel substrates before application of paints eemmua related products — Test for the assessment of surface cleanliness — Part 9: Process Management and Improvement.


To evaluate and monitor material standards, including codes or guidelines and to identify those which are out of date or inadequate and need revision, and identify those areas in which new standards may be required, but do not presently exist.

It includes a large clause on materials and one on fabrication of steel structures. The guide covers recommendations for design and functional requirements, materials, marking and testing. This standard was published in November Unalloyed and alloyed steels with specified low temperature properties ISO —4 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes — Technical delivery conditions — Part 4: NACE International serves its members by: Rupture Test of Plastics. At the workshop in Februarythe operating companies present agreed to share their specifications in the OGP environment, for review by the other participants to see if there was scope for harmonisation, standardisation or improvement in some areas.

Arc welding of titanium, zirconium and their alloys ISO —6 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials — Welding procedure test — Part 6: This is a revised and updated version of an EFC report on the possible types of H2S cracking that can occur in an oilfield.

Finishing welding of aluminium castings ISO —5 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials — Welding procedure test — Part 5: If there is support for revising ISO Offshore piping to carry the necessary international supplements a New Work Item Proposal is required to be positively balloted to open this for further work.


The general consensus of the group was there is potentially room for some level of industry standardisation. Manufacturing Standards Consultancy Service. However, the new parts of ISO standards are now taking over as reference for the subject. Square and rectangular hollow sections ISO Welding and allied processes — Determination of hydrogen content in ferritic steel arc weld metal ISO Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials 5 parts Femua —2 Quality requirements for welding — Fusion welding of metallic materials — Part 2: Metal inert gas welding and tungsten inert gas welding of aluminium and its alloys ISO —4 Welding and allied processes — Recommendations for joint preparation — Part 4: ISO —5 Approval testing of welders — Fusion welding — Titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys.

EEMUA 192 (1998)

However, work is underway to study emua differences in these standards, which will hopefully lead to new efforts in the harmonisation work. Bushings, flanges, flanged and eemuua joints; general quality requirements and test methods. In the event of any conflict or contradiction between the provisions of this document and local legislation, applicable laws shall prevail. General requirements ISO —2 Steel forgings and rolled or forged bars for pressure purposes — Technical delivery conditions — Part 2: