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Would I be correct that I send to – Self Assessment- HM Reveue & Customs, BX9 1AS. Before you can claim EIS tax relief you must have received an EIS3 form from the company in which you have invested. This form confirms the amount you. are eligible for by sending the ‘claim form’ section of the SEIS3 or EIS3 form to HMRC; If you are not in a position to send the claim form, the documentation.

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How to claim SEIS and EIS tax relief

In either forn these cases, you can opt for the relief to be attributed to certain shares, or to be attributed proportionately to all the shares. Tax rules change and benefits depend on circumstances.

If the company has been liquidated, a decision must be made on whether to make an election to set the loss against income, and if so, whether you want to set it flrm your income in the tax year of the loss or the previous tax year.

Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? Is this page useful? The Enterprise Investment Scheme EIS is a UK government scheme that helps younger, higher-risk businesses raise finance by offering investors generous tax reliefs.

It can take 12 months, sometime longer, before an investor receives their full complement of tax relief certificates as it takes time for the fund manager fis3 make investments on behalf of the investor. Growth Fund and Fund Twenty8. Additionally, as we do not want to miss out on any external rounds we think are outstanding, we do reserve the right to invest outside of SyndicateRoom alumni. The circumstances in which you can claim the relief If you have received a form EIS3 or EIS5 for any investment you made in shares issued during the year ended 5 April or, in some cases, during the year ended 5 April firm belowyou can claim relief esi3 you are eligible for relief for the shares see below.

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These are certificates you receive from each of the companies you invested in, typically a few months after the investment. HMRC never guarantees that a company will certainly qualify for EIS, but an advance assurance is the closest to it you can get.

The success of this scheme led to the introduction of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme SEISwhich promotes investments in even eus3 and therefore riskier companies through even greater tax relief. Fuel Ventures drives bid to back more ideas from Women 8 November Alternatively, investors can claim their tax relief online via self-assessment by doing the following: It usually takes HMRC around three months to process this application.

The date the fund closed will be shown on the form EIS5 which the fund manager gives you.

The EIS has been around sinceso is a well-established part of the UK tax landscape for investors. Find out more about cookies. HS Self Assessment helpsheet. As mentioned above, this is not tax advice. Download your copy of our free guide.

Below we give a simple step-by-step guide, which you can use as a starting point, although it is not tax advice or a personal recommendation. You are recognised as being connected to the company if you are a paid company employee, partner or director. Alternatively, you may want to offset your loss against your Capital Gains Tax bill for the current or future wis3 years. Portfolio company Transcend Packaging received EIS funding in Springwith an aim to replace single use plastics.

Online forms, phone numbers and addresses for advice on Self Assessment. Many investors keep track of their investments through a simple Excel sheet to make the process easier when it comes to claiming EIS relief.

Tax Efficient Solutions for Advisers and Investors. What you do next will depend on how you submit eeis3 tax return by post or online. In the case of SEIS and EIS funds, investors will usually receive multiple certificates one per each company that has been invested into.


If you have capital gains greater than the annual exemption, these can be deferred by making an EIS investment. As described above, you can claim to have relief in the year before that in which the shares were issued. Loss relief allows investors to offset a loss made on an EIS investment against either their Capital Gains Tax bill or their Income Dorm bill, fprm on which better suits their individual needs.

Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. If you made an investment in shares issued during the year for which you have not yet received a form EIS3 or EIS5, you cannot claim relief for that investment until you have received a form.

Include any amount for ei3s you received relief by way of an increase in your PAYE code or a reduction of a payment on account. You can potentially accrue your Capital Gains Tax exemption for longer than forj years as long as you continue to hold the shares.

EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) Tax Relief Guide For Investors

You will normally claim EIS tax relief firm you complete your tax return. To help us improve GOV. The offer focuses on early-stage, high-growth, technology companies. As a rule, we require the same or better level of EIS tax relief as received by the investors leading the round. News about Enterprise Investment Scheme.