El falsificador de pasaportes de Cioma SchÖnhaus. 2 likes. Book. : El falsificador de pasaportes () by Cioma Schonhaus and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : EL FALSIFICADOR DE PASAPORTES: BUEN ESTADO-6 (REF- D)

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Personally i thought this book was quite paswportes around the edges and poorly written, it was very difficult to follow and lacked fluidity.

He lost his parents to the camps in Poland, but he was finally able to escape to Switerland, via bicycle, in the yawning days of the war. I was really shocked at the end when it said that one of the characters was executed at sachenhausen and that i had been there and remember stepping over a plaque falsigicador people were shot A good story, but very choppy and would have benefited from stronger editing. The book reads more like fiction than biography since we are constantly going from great danger to relative safety and back again.

: Cioma Schonhaus: Books

The book starts slowly but builds dramatically as the noose closes around Schonhaus’ neck. Jun 22, Rachel rated it liked it. I was really shocked at the end when it said Personally i thought this book was quite rough around the edges and poorly written, it was very difficult to follow and lacked fluidity. He still lives in Basel, Switzerland today. Even as the Gestapo posted his photo in public, he managed to have a steamy love affair with the beautiful consort of an SS officer.

Feb 29, Jenny rated it really liked it.

This is an incredible story of someone doing something truly corageous. However, one night, looking for a light, quick read, I saw this on the shelves reserved for gifts and brought it to bed.


No trivia or quizzes yet. It was no risk to them, they just went to the local Post Office and said they’d lost them. Since he avoided the concentration camps it was a bit more mild, although still portraying the unbelievable inhumanity they were treated with.

Falsificadores de pasaporte fueron capturados en Colombia

What would you do? He seemed to me like a cocky and irresponsible kid who didn’t appreciate the good that he was doing. I’ve read many many books about survival in this terrible time in history and most are of camps but this one is survival avoiding the camps. I pasaprotes glad to know that there were Jews as wwell as Christians that resisted, hid and helped others to avoid ’emigration’ to the death camps.

The whole genre of Holocaust literature inspires horror and revulsion for the Nazis, disgust for the collaborating and enabling Germans and great sympathy for the Jews and other victims of the vile policies of Hitler and his entire morally-bankrupt Klan. At 84 still lives there and works as a graphic designer.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

But if you took a sackful of peas and tipped them out on the floor, the hole would be filled immediately. Fortunately, he is an artist,and using his skills to become falzificador forger, he is able to create every paspaortes of official document from ration books paswportes passports.

At the end of the book when he named the people in his story and what happened to them I realized that I remembered very few faosificador them. He forged documents for people fleeing the Third Reich, and saved hundreds of lives. Some of the documents at least came from Christians in a particular church who would drop them as offerings at the end of the Sunday service. A remarkable and enjoyable memoir in a grim setting,ult really interesting insight into how jews were able to survive in the underground in Berlin during WWll.


During his time in Berlin and working with the German Resistance, Schonhaus knows several individuals who will be well known to students of World War II history. The true story of a plucky German Jewish boy who used his artistic skills to make counterfeit passes and evade the Gestapo.

The Forger: An Extraordinary Story of Survival in Wartime Berlin

Sep 17, Cheryl rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 10, Michelle rated it really liked it. The story starts duringand covers the experience of Schonhaus as he hids at in Berlin, escaping the deportations that took the rest of his family. But he can’t do this alone and through him falwificador see a whole network of Jews living a sort of underlife in the cities.

I had to answer those questions falzificador the author was very brave and stood up and was counted against the Nazis.

Falsificadores de pasaporte fueron capturados en Colombia

He served hundreds of fellow Jews, Russians and Gypsies by giving them what appeared to be legitimate documents.

As a result, it is an interesting story, but it is written rather poorly. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Cioma suffered little compared to the many Jews who lived in Berlin during that time.

While he was helped several times, he saved himself by taking risks and sticking to his guns. Nov 07, Patrick rated it it was amazing. This true holocaust story is quite arresting: