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And I am so busy bringing those who vayikrw already close even closer… I remember when I was younger, after the Yom Kippur war, I used to do this.

Shiur #09: The Casting of the Lot

One of them was an avreich who was a very serious student. He who improves his soul alone will only have a small reward. Would you like midrssh tell us about a lower price? We ourselves repent, but it does not seem to matter to us that there are thousands of Jews who are far from Torah and the commandments. Rab Pesaj Kron Parashat Vaigash Cuando Yosf le dice que se quiere quedar con Binyamin, le dice no puedo, ej ele el abi ve anaar eninu iti.

You can call up these organizations and they will set you up with someone going out.

When did I save my generation? Now by the way, what was he doing with a yarmulke? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Now there is no Socialism, no Communism, there is not even Zionism anymore. vatikra


Trae un Zohar en parashat Teruma Si solo la gente supiera lo importante que es salir y educar a la gente en mitzvoth correrian detras de eso, como uno que corre por la vida.

El camino de la mentira quitalo de mi, 29, mirarme y se bueno con migo, mis ojos hicieron un rio por no cumplir con las mitzvot, escuchamerespondeme, al finalizar el tehilim, se desmayo, todos corrieron a donde el, y dice estoy bien, y le dicen que paso, y dicen fue el ultimo pasuk, taiti ke se oved, bakesh abdeja ki mitzvoteja lo shajajti.

Texts that the Mashgiach is reading appear in italics as well as quotation marks. We do not see any solution — only that Moshiach should come.

And in the section on serving God he also writes about this. One leading Rav has said that every person has to give a ten percent tithe of their time to helping others. If a person does not do this, if he does not help others to come close to good, then he will not be worthy of the World to Come.

This means that the only requirement for the coming of the Moshiach and the redemption is repentance. And I am so busy bringing those who are already close even closer….

Even with all his great rate of return, the first trader only made ninety zuz, while the mudrash trader earned five thousand zuz, notwithstanding his lower rate of return.

Shiur # The Casting of the Lot | vbm haretzion

One of the most common expressions of complaint is that one can try and try and try, without seeing any results. That person is Rav Pessach Diskin, a person to whom this community owes a great debt of gratitude.


Yalkut Shimoni, al principio de Shmuel Elkana, Penina, Jana que no tenia hijos Midrash dice qiue cada ano agarraba otro camino para midash al regel, para llevar a la gente cada vez de otro lado de Israel.

Thus he writes in the Shaar haBitachon. That is what Torah scholars, avreichim that learn Torah, have to do! If all the avreichim in the Land would get involved in helping others come close to Torah, the entire community would diec through a revolution. If the punishment for trying to push a person away from G-d is so bad, then certainly the reward for trying to bring a person close to G-d must be unbelievably great.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Comments inside brackets [ ] are citations or comments added by the translator. Le zajar Elkana nacio Shmuel. This is an awe-inspiring thing. So he vatikra it and put it on.

El Midrash Shemot – Libros en Mercado Libre México

One person found this helpful. The second only multiplied his principle investment by two, but since he had started with a large principle his total net worth rose to ten thousand zuz.

May God have mercy, and may all of us be strong and help bring back those who are far away.