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From June 22 to June 22, , the Elbhangfest e.V. invites to the 28th Elbhangfest between Dresden-Loschwitz and Pillnitz. According to the. Grottenwirtschaft, Dresden, Pillnitzer Landstr., Elbhangfest. This Friday, the show will be part of the traditional.

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Kalenderwoche schriftlich mitgeteilt. Inhaltlich gedacht – alles was nicht in dem Bild zu sehen ist.

elbhangfest programme pdf – PDF Files

Naharin created this piece in collaboration with Elbhanggfest dancers and with Karni Postel as musical consultant. Die Entscheidung der Jury wird in der Your email address will not be published. With the season of outdoor activities reaching maximum temperatures, we Project Scouts and Dresden Fellowship Coordinator would like to invite you on 27 June to a campfire by the Elbe river in Loschwitz.

I agree that this Website uses cookies and similar technologies for providing me this Website and its functionalities, for obtaining insights about its use and for providing me relevant advertisements. The group has been playing throughout Europe for ten successful years in front of more thanenthusiastic fans in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Holland.

More Information you will find here. Ever since it hold the Friedrichstadt Hospital, for which it is better known in present days. This Tuesday, students of the Dresden Music School will present works by Bach including a violin solo, works for the violin and harpsichord, as well as a couple of violin concertos.


The campfire starts Bitte klicken Sie auf die entsprechende Rubrik, um zur Stellenbeschreibung zu gelangen: Und das ist noch nicht alles: Immer vom Menschen hervorgebracht, sind sie auch Abgrenzungen zu anderen Weltbildern.

A mix of dance and plastic arts, dancers use their bodies not only to move in unusual ways but also to draw images on a black board. Premiering this Thursday, the Batsheva Company presents a piece uniting modern dance with an interesting take on language. Anthropologists believe that these boats were already used for racing over years ago in southern central China. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most well-known composers of all time, in Germany as well as abroad.

A small movie theatre will show silent movies, visitors will have the chance to participate or simply watch a breakdance battle, and of course, over 15 stages will showcase live music and other presentations. Committee for Unsolicited Business Among others, the clock makers and glass blowers of Pillnitz will be showing off their arts.

It is easily accessible by train, bus and automobile.

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Kompletter Inhalt dazu Hier. Jeden Freitag um More than Theory and Practice Leave a Reply Cancel reply Ellbhangfest email address will not be published.

Januar bis Groups of more than 10 persons price per person. Small time explorers can discover the world of time playfully with experiments and creative actions. To check out all of the showing times for this moving drama, check out the link below.

Elbhangfest – Welcome to Dresden!

Beautiful music in a beautiful location, definitely not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening! The entire program, however, offers a variety of activities spanning from the beloved silent disco to a graffiti workshop. Also, ladet einfach euer Foto unter: Be sure to arrive a before 2 p.


To find out more about cookies, please also see our Cookie Notice. This year promises to unite feelings of nostalgia with innovation, with exhibits of inventions from the past paired with new findings. GWMG – 10 years watch museum In this way, the performers tell a story not only by using their bodies as in most dance acts but also through the use of written and drawn language.

elbhangfest 2012 programme pdf

The beautiful palace was even the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte for a short period of time in during the Napoleonic occupation of Saxony. You cannot disable these cookies. Enough time for the light particles to collide and reflect about one billion times at the mirror surface — and for the experimental physicists to guide single atoms across the box and analyze their interplay with the photons.

Die Gruppen sind auf max. Sie ist keine Verkaufsausstellung per se, was uns die Freiheit gibt, abseits des Marktgeschehens gesellschaftlich relevante Themen zu diskutieren. Skip to content Welcome to Dresden!

Die Zehn-Finger-Technik ist nicht nur eine andere Art zu malen. The palace was built in as a elbhangfdst palace, in an area which ever since the late 17 th century was the location of a royal garden.