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The Model (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the. Electroscope is an electronic locator similar to a metal detector but will recognize the presence of metals Model Digital Electroscope – FREE SHIPPING!. Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a maximum .

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It can be an effective tool in your treasure arsenal and an absolute must for any serious prospector. The other module contained seven resistors mounted on a small piece of perfboard, along with several “pass through” electtroscope. Thomas Afilani is a well known adventurer, traveler, treasure hunter and most of all an accomplished and talented inventor.

I suspect there are some voltage divider or current limiting electrscope inside the electroscole. Most of the parts appear to have come from Radio Shack. The tip of the phone jack is connected to the module and a stud that makes contact with the center “antenna” when the Phasor is mounted onto the ES The intermediate range allows you to cover large tracks of ground and quickly target areas of interest. In every case I’ve heard about so far, units contain junk circuit boards and wires to hide the fact that there is no real technology inside.

The 9-volt alkaline battery life is monitored with a battery icon on the LCD.

Geotech – Technology for Treasure Hunting

It also contains a watch module and crystal that appear to have come from a “watch pen” as it is long and slender. The gold mode and silver mode dlectroscope electrically identical. Electroscope Model Report. Due in large part to this company’s aggressive advertising campaign in the ‘s, particularly in Lost Treasure magazine, many people are at least familiar with the name even if they know little else about the company.


One unit, a Modelwas obtained by an unnamed individual who drew out electtoscope actual circuit diagram, and wrote a report on what he found.

Let this affordable long-range instrument aid you in your pursuit of treasure. It is intended to be clipped onto the single dipole on the TV and the stud makes the electrical connection! In the hands of a skilled operator who takes the time to learn and understand its operation, the Model has been called a “lethal weapon in the field”.

The antennas can be extended or retracted to achieve good control over the short range or maximum long range searching as per the operator requirements. The Regulator Digital The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

Cover more ground and save precious time with a Pro-Spector. Easy to use, they plug directly into the jack at the bottom of each elecrtoscope.

Metal Detector Distributors

Four other wires went into the module, however they were merely terminated in a blob of hot melt glue. The antenna system also becomes a tuning mechanism with the Pro-Spector as adjusting the antenna length in electdoscope with the tuning knob setting will provide the most accurate tuning.

Let this affordable long-range instrument aid you in your pursuit of treasure. The trigger switch on the handle is just part of a series of On-Off switches, and the bottom control knob adds a series variable resistance to one of the outer antenna, which does eleftroscope it doesn’t even vary the voltage, because it’s part of elcetroscope open-circuit.

I measured the current drain and it appears that, with nothing plugged into the jack in the handle, the battery only supplies current to the meter.


The Regulator Analog The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect. There are two potted modules inside that are connected to the controls with what could be described as a “rat’s nest” of wires.

Over the years several people have taken apart Electroscopes to see what’s inside. Phaser photo showing the same “mystery module”. Although used by many professionals, it is an excellent choice for electrkscope novice treasure hunter.

It is a dowsing rod, no better and no worse than a forked stick, a bent coat hanger or a piece of welding rod. Most targets are found within 20 to 40 feet from the initial contact. That leads me to believe that the Phasor is a totally passive device. The circuit 3301 for the Model is shown in Figure 5.

Now with the LCD display, the tuning on the Regulator is more refined than ever.

Metal Detector Distributors

The block labled “Module” represents the “mystery” module shown in Fig. It so happens, that this module is identical to one that I found inside the “Phaser” described in the Model 20 reportand is the right-most item shown in Fig. The Regulator allows the user the quantification of a specific material and the elimination of undesirable targets. The Regulator – Digital As with the Regulator classicthe digital version is pre-set for gold only, but other metals can be detected by simply including a like metal in the sample chamber.