The Enigma of Amigara Fault has ratings and reviews. karen said: WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT!last year, i carved out my own short story . Gyo (ギョ, “Fish”), fully titled Gyo Ugomeku Bukimi in Japan, is a horror seinen manga written The work also includes a pair of bonus stories, titled “The Sad Tale of the Principal Post” and “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. Viz Media published. You can read here: The Enigma of Amigara Fault. It’s meant to be read top to bottom, right to left, instead of the usual left to right.

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I honestly don’t know what the fuss is about with this.

I wonder where my hole must have been. When night falls, they are forced to give up. B, who wants to go explore with me. Yoshida is trembling with fear. They hurry back through the hole and out of the cave. He drives to this place that over looks his faklt and the partner that they got along the way the one as skinny as the author and was so freaked out he wouldn’t tell the other two of what he experienced was there. They ask the new partner what he saw but he was very silent and very freaked out.

Paradox Spiral The Garden of Sinners: It’s a pretty detailed story about these two dudes who discover a hole in a cave. But I feel that any Lovecraftian will enjoy it. I know this was kind of a terrible recap.


The psychological aspect of this story thus drives its horror. I live in Alabama though, and around a lot of industrial shit, so that may be a big reason. Aug 24, at A couple of years later he sold it for several million bucks.

An OVA adaptation was produced by Ufotable. When scientists examine it, they find that the fault is several Kilometers long and very, very deep. Large groups of walking machines attack Kaori, and Tadashi becomes lost in his attempt to save her.

In the side of the mountain, there are thousands of human-shaped holes. It is maintained by none other than Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, one of the leading lights in Lovecraftian literature today. The phone loses connection as he is hearing sounds in the undiscovered part of the cave.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault

After the earthquake, a large fault is discovered on the side of Amigara Mountain. Like many who have reviewed this, I would’ve liked some more explanation; the idea of the holes being an exact fit for certain people – and indeed, how people recognise these holes are ‘theirs’ when an individual’s specific outline is surely not so distinctive anyone’d spot it immediately in this context – is somewhat glossed over, but the ending wraps up the gruesomeness of the premise so completely it doesn’t really matter much.


Apr 03, Cheese rated it really liked it. A teenage boy named Owaki is curious about the fault and decides to hike up Amigara Mountain to take a look. Shogakukan compiled the chapters into two bound volumes and published them from February to May It’s fucking ridiculous and it’s easy to find online for free like the other one.

This is why you dont animate It has a mixture of body horror and pure claustrophobia. The former assumes that they are both here to see the fault, which has captured the attention of the global press.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito

Without spoiling failt, Hellstar Remina’s ending is retarded. Owaki is distracted from the speculation when he notices Yoshida looking for something. It took me like 3 days to read everything. Please let enig,a finish my sausage and biscuit before you burst in to kill me. As he was examining the machine in detail, it used a series of spikes and tubes to latch on to his arm, forcing him to amputate it. Just a strange phenomenon appears after an earthquake.