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EPA Method A in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. EPA Method A: Chlorinated Biphenyl. Congeners by HRGC/HRMS. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH. Horizon Technology, Inc., 45 Northwestern Dr. Ecology may require or allow the use of the most current accepted revision of EPA Method (USEPA, ) at contaminated sites, instead.

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Use several rinses to assure that all material is transferred.

Because PCBs are ubiquitous in the environment, including laboratories, the sample processing laboratory must judiciously guard against sample contamination. The sampling team will collect a sufficient volume to allow for pea in all laboratories and to provide extra volume in case of sample breakage, lost shipment, or other unforeseen problems.

Although laboratories will be prohibited from performing multiple analyses to improve results, they will 16668a allowed to implement corrective action and reanalysis for QC failures that are attributable to instrument failure or to analyst error e. For drinking water or other samples containing low solids, smaller disks may be used.

Kansas City, KS Phone: A reference file of material safety data sheets MSDSs should also be made available to all personnel involved in these analyses. Adjust the flow rate of eluantto 4. RRT limits based on RT window. It is suggested that the QC Check Sample be analyzed at least quarterly. An integrating flow meter is used to collect proportional 1668aa samples.

If a column other than the SPB-octyl column is used, solutions that will allow separation of all congeners on that column must be prepared. In e-mail correspondence, the laboratory indicated that the lighter PCB congeners were lost during final transfer, and therefore, results were not submitted. If foaming occurs, reduce the reflux rate until foaming subsides. Reflux the sample for a total of hours.


Weigh the receiver, record the weight, and return the receiver to the blowdown apparatus, concentrating the residue until a constant weight is obtained.

Laboratories also will be instructed to use the following rules in reporting results: The August revision was used for the study and is the revision distributed by EPA at the time of writing of this report. The analyst should exclude oxygen from the carrier gas, should eliminate air leaks, and should cool the injector, column, and transfer line before opening the column to the atmosphere.

During the subsequent acid wash steps second, third and fourth no color appeared in the aqueous layer. Additionally, laboratories were asked to provide a detailed narrative describing any problems or recommendations and a description of any modifications to procedures specified in the method. The goal of the mixing and aliquoting scheme for biosolids and tissues was to obtain Youden pairs for each matrix of interest i.

Suffix “L” indicates labeled compound 2.

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The study design is detailed in an appendix to this report. After extraction, a labeled cleanup standard is spiked into the extract which is then cleaned up using appropriate chromatographic procedures e. Relative responses RRs are used in conjunction with the calibration data in Section Many of the EMLs are greater than the equivalent concentrations of the calibration solutions. Brand names, suppliers, and part numbers are for 6168a purposes only and no endorsement is implied.

Different lots and types of PFK can contain varying levels of contamination, and excessive PFK or other reference substance may cause noise problems and contamination of the ion source necessitating increased frequency of source cleaning. These procedures are given in Sections Concentration for Tissue 16 4. RT window width necessary to attempt to unambiguously identify the congener in the presence of other congeners.


US EPA METHOD A/B/C “STARTER KIT” – Cambridge Isotope Laboratories –

Ideally, the reference matrix should not contain the CBs in detectable amounts, but should contain potential interferents in the concentrations expected to be found in the samples to be analyzed. Once these frozen, stored samples are 166a, they will be 1668aa on ice to the Sample Processing laboratory.

Two laboratories 4 and 10 did not submit biosolids data because of difficulties encountered with clean-up and analysis. Scan descriptors other than those listed in Table 7 may be used provided the MLs in Table 2 are met.

EPA Method 1668A

The method also determines the remaining CBs, approximately of which are resolved adequately on an SPB-octyl gas chromatographic column to be determined as individual congeners. The kiln or furnace should be vented to prevent laboratory contamination by CB vapors. This fraction will contain the mono- and di-ortho CBs. It is also suggested that the laboratory perform personal hygiene monitoring of each analyst who uses this Method and that the results of this monitoring be made available to the analyst.

Laboratory 6 did rpa submit tissue data, and reported difficulties with the analysis of this matrix due to interferences from lipids. Following calibration, flush the injection system with solvent to ensure 1668q residual CBs are removed from the system.