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The EQUOTIP 2 portable hardness tester gives a measurement within seconds and is complete with internal data storage and RSC interface. 2 EQUOTlP/EQUOTIP 2 Hardness Tester. The hardness tester is designed for testing metallic materials, the hardness of which ranges from very low to very high. thin parts, profiles and pipes with a wall thickness ≤ 2 mm. • hardness profile in heat-affected zone of welding seams. EQUOTIP 2 Hardness measuring system.

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Flexible Equoip hardness tester for fine-grained material with any shape and heat-treated surfaces. Media Equotip Leeb Application Instantly share your measurements and reports. Description Equotip Live UCI creates new opportunities for collaboration in portable hardness testing.

Proceq Equotip 2 (Rebound)

Please send me more information on Proceq Equotip 2 Hardness Tester. Instrument Firmware iOS app including free updates visit live. Standard to large objects. Overcome the limitations of stationary bench top metal NDT hardness testing Proceq’s Equotip eqquotip portable hardness inspection of almost any object, polished parts and heat-treated surfaces.

Would you like to see why Find the Needle clients come back year after year to use our service? Description Portable Rockwell hardness tester for scratch-sensitive, polished and thin parts. Hardness measurements are carried out by a dynamic method, which allows testing on areas of difficult access.


Tick to confirm you have read and agree to our privacy policy Please confirm you have read the privacy policy. A wide range of different impact devices, as well as a comprehensive selection of eqquotip blocks and accessories cover most applications.

Memory Memory of iOS device. Rugged touchscreen designed to provide an exceptional user experience and best possible measuring and analysis.

Proceq Equotip 2 Leeb Portable Hardness Tester (Rebound)

Instrument Firmware Profile view One-step calibration Automatic compensation for impact direction Personalized user profiles and views Integration equotp automated testing environments incl. Equtoip Equotip 2 Hardness Tester. Would you like to register your company on one of the UK’s largest and most effective Trade websites?

The ultra portable Equotip Live Leeb D impact device is perfect for use in confined spaces. Your Benefits Entry model for quick on-site tests Compact housing and automatic angle correction allow flexible use Comes with the high accuracy known for all Equotip products.

Mobile and very accurate, it has a large measuring range – from soft to extremely hard. Description Flexible UCI hardness tester for fine-grained material with any shape and heat-treated surfaces. It measures the Leeb value L for materials, which is a ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity.? Limited accessibility With impact device Leeb DL. Instrument Firmware Automatic compensation for impact direction Integration in automated testing environments incl.


Click here for more information on Proceq Equotip 2 Hardness Tester. Equally reliable, accurate and standardized but faster than stationary Rockwell hardness testers. Software PqUpgrade Setup V1. PC Software Equotip Link allowing direct reporting and custom reports.

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Since Proceq invented the Leeb hardness test principle inEquotip has become established as a globally recognized brand for portable hardness testing and a de facto industry standard. Description Versatile Leeb hardness tester for on-site testing of heavy, large or installed parts. Wireless impact device and clean user-interface.

Combination With Other Methods.

Connections USB for charging and updates.