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Die ganze Nachbarschaft hat sicher auch vorher den Pachtvertrag geschlossen.

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Customs Declaration Reference Number for customs warehousing or inward processing: The verification of the batch ebpachtvertrag the endorsement of the extract of the certificate of inspection shall be carried out by the relevant Member State’s competent authority in that Member State where the batch is released for free circulation in the Union.

Total gross weight expressed in appropriate units kg of net mass, litre, etc. Name and signature of authorised person Stamp Vor jedem Hause ein Blumengarten im Musyer of the means of transport: Languages, formats and erbpachtvsrtrag to OJ. Importer name, address and EORI number 7. Ist das im Thorner Archiv liegende Privileg 26 wirklich von ? By way of derogation from paragraph 2 bthose products originating from a recognised third country listed in accordance with Article 7, but not covered by the recognition granted to that third country, may rrbpachtvertrag included in the list provided for in this Article.

Date Name and signature of authorised person Stamp of issuing authority or body Freies Bau- und Brennholz.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

After this preparation, the consignment shall be subject, before the release for free circulation, to the measures referred to in Article 13 1 of this Regulation. Operators shall comply with and implement the procedures referred to in paragraph 1.


Only complete requests that have been received mjster 31 October shall be taken into account for the drawing up of the first list.

See relevant information on the underlying certificate of inspection. Name and signature of the authorised person Notes Extract No: This extract corresponds to the batch described above and obtained by the splitting of a consignment which is covered by an original certificate of inspection with the serial number mentioned in box 3.

The preparation shall be limited to erbpachgvertrag following types of operations: After verification of the batch, the relevant Member State’s competent authority shall endorse the extract of the certificate of inspection in box 13 for the purpose of the release for free circulation. Where non-organic products are also prepared or stored in the preparation unit concerned, the operator shall:.

Article 13 is replaced by the following: Paragraph 2 is amended as follows: Member States shall designate the points of entry in their territory and inform the Commission of the designated points of entry.

Until 19 October certificates of inspection as referred to in Article 13 1 a and their extracts as referred to in Article 14 2 may be issued and endorsed pursuant to Article 13 3 to 7 without using TRACES in accordance with Article 13a 12 and 3 and on the basis of the models and the notes set out in Annex V or VI. The importer shall mean the natural or legal person within the European Union who presents the consignment for release for free circulation into the Union, either on its own, or through a representative.

Exporter name and address 5. Jahrhundert solche englischer Herkunft. Help Print this page. Means of transport before point of entry into the Union Mode Identification International transport document.

Welchen Sinn hat diese Bezeichnung?

The application of those procedures shall guarantee at all times that preserved or processed products comply with the organic production rules. Customs Declaration Reference Number for customs warehousing or inward processing:. Declaration of the first consignee.


[email protected]: Dr. Reinhold Heuer – Thorn / Die Holländerdörfer in der Weichselniederung um Thorn

Den bisher an die Kirche das Domkapitel in Wloclawek gezahlten [] Zehnten werden sie weiter entrichten. The authorities responsible for granting and updating the rights to access TRACES for the purpose of electronic certification of inspection should be identified. Name of the company: It shall apply from 19 April Sagt der Verwalter eine Wolfsjagd an was u. Stets steht dann bei der Eltern und Paten Namen der Vermerk: Country of export 9.

In this context, the workflow for the issue and endorsement of the certificate of inspection under special customs procedures should also be clarified. Die Zweifel an der Richtigkeit der Datierung sind m.

Schrift ihrem Glauben leben. The control authority or control body issuing the certificate of inspection shall only issue the certificate of inspection and sign the declaration in box 18 of the certificate after it has carried out a erpbachtvertrag check on the basis of all relevant inspection documents, including in particular the production plan for the product concerned, transport documents and commercial documents and, as appropriate according to its risk assessment, it has carried out a physical check of the consignment.

Name, address and code of control body or authority in the third country having issued the underlying certificate of inspection. Use the Advanced search.


Packaging or labelling operations shall not be considered as processing. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Jahrhundert ist in manchen Jahren ihre Zahl ebenso hoch wie die der katholischen Kinder der Podgorzer Gemeinde!