Within “The Pain Scale” Eula Biss uses different concepts to relate to the reader her confusion about the pain scale used in hospitals today that. “On a scale of zero to ten, ten sending you to the emergency room, how bad is your As Eula Biss says in her essay “The Pain Scale,” “Zero doesn’t behave like. The Pain Scale. Eula Biss · English. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Language, English. Journal, Harper’s. State, Published – Jun

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Eula connects these concepts to the use of a pain scale, and builds upon her own thought process through them. Eula is using these facts about the falsity of using fictional measurements to measure Hell to build upon her argument against the use of zero, an almost fictional number in itself.

She is not talking about pain that she feels she is talking about the thought of pain and how people would rate different pains compared to how boss thinks pain is.

How to Read “The Pain Scale” By Eula Biss | jkingsly

The reason behind her bringing in her reputation, which is still unclear, is too make the reader think about how their pain scale would be laid out. I agree with her point here because scales do need a fixed point but what confuses me is why she questions it. How many aspirin does it take to solve the problem?

Email required Address never made public. But Anders Celsius, who introduced the scale inoriginally fixed zero as the point at which water boiled, and one hundred as the point at which water froze.


In that case, is five really the mean? This mystery of zero makes her worried and hesitant to how she should rate her pain. The subtle humor creates moments for the reader to sit back and smile as she relays the scale with relatable experiences for every reader. Throughout the text she explains her relationship with her father, who is a physician, and how that affected how she feels about certain types of pain and how he changed her idea of pain.

Eula uses all of these problems, these small issues that do not line up, to express the great confusion and uncertainty that comes with such rating scales. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecules and atoms are moving as slowly as possible.

She looks closely at different levels of pain and then chooses the level that she relates her self too. In order to comment on this portfolio you must be logged in to the school or organization it is associated with. The essay could be considered as a mixture of her thought; she includes different aspects of life, math, pain, personal experiences, feelings, history and literature. As preluded in sections one and two—more so in two, but that is because two comes after one—Biss tends to question the reader as she goes up and down the scale.

I like to rate pain this way. She finds it easier to understand religion than to understand the concept of the number zero. Eula points out distinct problems with each scale and their use of zero. Follow hashtagoctothorpe on WordPress.

The Pain Scale

Biss is very philosophical and makes the reader think along with her as she details and questions the assumed pain for each digit, or lack thereof. Without a little personal wit and relatability, why would we read non-fiction? But even at absolute zero, their motion does not stop completely.


Eula compares the concept of zero, which is something yet nothing at the same time, to the person Jesus Christ, who is man yet God at the same time.

There would be no substance, just sugar.

You are commenting using your WordPress. There is only one fixed point on the Kelvin scale — absolute zero. Her tone allows the reader to follow her guide but to question her story as well. That is the main reason why it is first on the list.

The Pain Scale — Northwestern Scholars

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The reason behind her te is due to the many different texts and theories we are presented with through time. I strive to remain liquid. An equation that she does not understand but must perform. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Eula uses all of these concepts and measurements in comparison with each other in order to point out the errors of the pain scale, and relate the anguish she has experienced through being forced to use it throughout her own life.

However, I bisd understand her anger with zero.