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Title: EWR 21AUG95, Version: , Date: Aug, Status: Active, Desc: EWR EASTERN AND WESTERN RANGE (EWR). Tailored EWR , System Safety Program Plan, Noncompliance Requests, and Launch Complex Safety Training and Certification. Find the most up-to-date version of EWR CONT. DIST. at Engineering

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Although differences in geography and other factors may make it impractical for the ER and WR to use identical modeling and analysis approaches, an 1127-1 should be made to increase the degree of commonality in accordance with the Primary Recommendation on EWR The ranges, which have a long history of development and developmental testing, for many years were part of an Air Force acquisition command.

The supplement to RCC Standard also describes acceptable levels of risk in other domains. EWR does not describe the source of most of its requirements.

The process of revising EWR should include the following eer. Both MOAs confirm the intent that AFMC assume responsibility for the acquisition, developmental testing, sustainment, and improvement of launch vehicles, spacecraft, and launch range systems. The Range Safety office will support you in your effort to achieve a successful and safe mission.

Range safety user manual EWR 127-1 (Eastern and Western Range 127-1)

At that time, the MOA specifies that hardware should be ready for flight except for prelaunch processing. Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released. See Chapter 5 for a discussion of limits on individual hit probabilities, P ifor ships and aircraft.

The range safety staff must, of course, be very knowledgeable about the content of the models and how to use them during prelaunch and launch operations. This conclusion should be validated by more detailed analyses covering current and future launch vehicles of interest.


Because of the potential risk to the launch area it is necessary to detect and terminate the flight of a vehicle that fails to pitch over and head downrange. Primary Recommendation on EWR In addition to a transfer of safety system functions, the committee concluded that responsibilities for developing detailed eewr models to support flight operations should also be transferred.

Downrange radar assets at Antigua and Ascension 1227-1 are required to provide the vehicle position data used to compute the IIP beyond approximately seconds Figure Application of Risk Management. The committee endorses this and other efforts to determine 1277-1 validity of specific requirements in light of industry standards and existing laws 17-1 regulations. Based on feedback from you, our users, we’ve made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.

After seconds, for example, the probability of an Atlas failure is estimated at Safety assessments should be conducted to the level of detail appropriate to the scale and accuracy of the assumptions used in the models, and making the models more detailed is not always warranted. Page 21 Share Cite.


The location of the Africa gate typically corresponds to the position of the IIP at approximately to seconds after launch see Figure Thus, in terms of range safety there is no clear justification for retaining downrange assets at Antigua and Ascension. Current practices are also at odds with normal Air Force acquisition practices and with specific guidance in both versions of the MOA on spacelift roles and responsibilities. Department of Defense Directive The basic responsibility of the range safety offices—the protection of human life and property—should not be changed.


Over the years, research and development related to ICBMs, SLBMs, and other space launch systems have been reduced, and operations have became increasingly important. If the Commander exceeds the criteria it can be argued that the criteria does not exist, or was in fact, never a valid criteria.

A collective risk standard i. Moving the Africa gates uprange has the potential to reduce the cost of safety-related downrange assets, decrease the complexity of range safety operations, and reduce launch holds and delays.

The final outputs of the assessment are used prior to launch with statistical wind profiles to determine whether the launch 1271- safety criteria and where evacuations are required. Population modeling is described in Appendix E.

In fact, the additional complexity may have no effect—or even a negative effect— on accuracy. Eqr specification of design, qualification, and acceptance testing processes, as well as lessons learned, should be incorporated rwr the new documentation and removed from EWR AFSPC should simplify EWR so that all requirements are performance based and consistent with both established risk standards for space launch e. Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book.

Available on line at: DoD Department of Defense.

The effect of this conservatism is that actual operations are likely to be safer than predicted. Cutting off fuel helps prevent the vehicle from veering off course and minimizes the size of the debris pattern by keeping the vehicle largely intact until it breaks up eer lower altitudes. Ready to take your reading offline?