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Information about symptoms and treatments for Pyometra in cats- from Tri County Animal Hospital, Wayne, Bergen County NJ. Pyometra is a bacterial infection that occurs in the uterus of a cat. – Wag!. Feline Pyometra. Pyometra is a bacterial infection of the uterus. The uterine lining gets thick, and then infected by bacteria and filled with pus. Bacteria from the.

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I looked at the incision and there appears to be a spot of dried blood near the incision that has not changed.

Celine called a million vets and of course since it Sunday none are available to see my cat or only do procedures in Tuesday’s or Wednesday etc etc. When Meds stopped discharge started again Should I go to another vet which is near and is open the week-end? I do not want to take a chance, but how do I know. There are two types of pyometra: I noticed spotting in the hallway that included some blood.

Xx hope your cat is good! Has Symptoms Using litter box frequently. My cat had kittens Jan. How do you know when it’s time? WIthout more details about Tommie, i cannot comment on why your veterinarian believes that she has a pyometra. Add a comment to KitKat’s experience. Medication Used Antibiotic against Fever.

Pyometra in Cats – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost

Her temperature was What happend since then? I got a cat just two months ago and I just don’t know how old is she. Hello I’m in Canada my cat has syptoms of pyometra but I have no money to take her to vet what xam I do she’s getting weaker how long do I got to get her helpI’m stressed out. Cats may experience side effects from this treatment, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. I love this cat more than I can express. No vaginal discharge is normal in a cat, and if she isn’t spayed, that is likely what is happening.


Surgery is treatment of choice, but medical management is possible in some cases. I really want her to have a check up on vet but I don’t have any money because I’m just a student.

Has Symptoms Laying down in abnormal position. Add a comment to Daria’s experience. I went to the vet Thursday,which is now Friday and he told me to come back at Monday,but I’m pjometra worried it will get worse.

My four year old cat just came out of heat last week and she is not pyometrw. But she is mostly just laying on her side. Said even after that the kidneys might not respond. Why is this pyometra? Pyometra is a bacterial infection that occurs in the uterus of a cat. My question is that, is there still a chance that she can survive from pyometra without treatment? It pjometra be a good idea to take her to another veterinarian, today, yes.

If no pregnancy occurs, the lining is supposed to thin out again, but some cats will begin to experience abnormal cystic growth instead. She called for the 2nd time on felie 1stjuly. My cat is 11yrs old and had not been spayed. You will pyometrra to bring your cat back to the vet for a follow-up and to have the stitches removed. They’re keeping her overnight to stabilize her and then we’ll see if she’s strong enough to have surgery.


How worried should I be until tomorrow?

Pyometra in Cats

I took her to the vet. Its been 2 years and everything was fine. Pyometra is a very serious, life-threatening health condition that requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms of Pyometra in Cats. My cat was recently diagnosed with pyometra and had the surgery on thursday night.

Pus is held inside the uterus by a closed cervix. She said she was very sick. The vet doesnt work Saturday and Sunday. As long as your lyometra receives treatment before the uterus ruptures or the infection spreads, she should make a full recovery from pyometra.

Fwline cat is 4 years old. We just came back from local 24 hour animal hospital. She’s sleeping in weird places for herbehind the sofa, under the fekine bowl etc. Regardless of whether the pyometra is open or closed, the vet will recommend that your cat be spayed to treat this condition. There may be a connection to the spay; but there are many different other conditions which may cause these symptoms including hairballs, other foreign objects, other obstructions, tumours or poisoning.

The next day, the day I’m writing now, she still expulse white liquid from his Vagine. So i search about my observation towards her and i really think it is pyometra.

I picked her up friday evening and noticed a small spot where she’d bled on to her blanket. They said she has closed pyometra.