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Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize One of the Washington Post Book World’s 10 Best Books of the Year One of Time’s 10 Best Books of the Year USA Today’s. This is the Story of The American Military Adventure in Iraq. The Heart of the story Fiasco has to tell, which has never been told before, is that of a Military. But many officers have shared their anger with renowned military reporter Thomas E. Ricks, and in ‘Fiasco’, Ricks combines these astonishing on-the- record.

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Red alert from the Green Zone

I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders. Not a single hint of the cost in death and destruction for the ricms of Central America during his time leading that counter insurgency. Now that the damage is starting to be cleaned up, I am cautiously optimistic, but there is still too much to be done here.

The reality is sobering to recall, a very high level of violence was to continue for another three years and even now deaths due to violence in Iraq run at several hundred a month. Thomas Ricks’ book, Fiasco, was part of an increasing body of literature, featuring more and more books based on the words and experiences of insiders, government and military officials talking after the fact, raising questions about the wisdom of the original decision to invade Iraq and the occupation and “nation-building” efforts thereafter.

That figure is way off. That is, Bush could only take such a careless action because of a series of failures in the American system. The Army of the Euphrates Takes Stock. Not to mention the set up for future riicks and the almost complete destruction of the United States international reputation.

As many in the military publicly acknowledge here for the first time, the guerrilla insurgency that exploded several months after Saddam’s fall was not foreordained.


Ricks also gives plenty of space to considering standard counter-arguments and perspectives other than those he and many of his military sources hold e. But in the end, testimony from soldiers, no matter how compelling, is not proof that the problems Ricks describes were as pervasive as he alleges, rivks proof that the misapplication of American military power was the defining characteristic of the mission.

Information was distorted, exaggerated, and twisted until the truth was unrecognizable.

The War of Words. Gosh, there’s so much to say about this book, I hardly know where to begin!

Anyone who reads this book and comes away unconvinced of its central argument obviously didn’t read the book well enough. And to further delineate here are fiascp antonyms: The United States government is not necessarily known for its honesty or intelligence, but the utter incompetence and narcissism displayed by our leaders during the Iraq war is just quintessential idiocy. There was supposed to be 4 parts to this invasion.

I will tell you I read this book shortly after it was written in But the successes that occurred over there, however fleeting they may have been, were also included. If you’re reluctant to buy this, just read this last part while standing in the aisle at Borders.

Ricks is author of five books: That those who ought to have been providing the strategy to facilitate this understanding were in fact actively undermining any talk of an insurgency meant that any hope of a coordinated effort that followed an effective strategy was doomed to failure.

Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq – Thomas E. Ricks – Google Books

I don’t know why I’m not giving it five stars. Fiasco discusses how the war was basically preordained. And where was Congress, you ask? I listened to an abridged version of this on CD. Interestingly, the only person w Touted by John McCain and others as fiwsco definitive Iraq War book, Fiasco gives a detailed blow by blow account of the U.


Fiasco (book) – Wikipedia

This was a helpful for me as a reader since I had always been so puzzled as to why there was not better strategy at the outset.

In this pursuit, Ricks is doggedly thorough; there are many anecdotes and many quotations, including some from Anthony Zinni, former Pentagon official Dov Zakheim, and former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Not everyone in Iraq, not even all of those in the leadership of the US forces, comes out of this book badly.

We know that the Iraq war was, from the original deceptions to the lamentable “nation building”, one of the great disasters of modern international relations. It tells the sad, still unfinished saga of the build up to, and selling of, the Iraq invasion and war to the American people still recovering from the worst terrorist attacks ever on U. His heroes are Petraeus, a man who would “run up to eight miles a day followed fiiasco 45 minutes working out despite having a pelvis that was smashed parachuting and a damaged lung from being shot through the chest”, and Lt General Raymond Odierno, an unsung figure fiadco played a major part in turning things around.

It is terribly depressing. Sep 21, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: When I was younger I liked to believe that somewhere in the US there were a group of conspirators — maybe the CIA or perhaps something even more shadowy and secret — who would sit around a table and maybe that table would even be round and develop plans for total world domination.