To be able to create animated visual transitions between Web pages. To be able to modify filters dynamically, using DHTML. Prentice Hall, Inc. All rights. DHTML Filter Session There are two types of filters: visual filter and transitions. A visual filter affects the appearance of the content. greater variety of special effects. To be able to create animated visual transitions between Web pages. To be able to modify filters dynamically, using DHTML.

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These filters may not work in your browser.

One example is changing the src attribute of an image to display a new image on-screen. Even browsers that support the filter property can do so in different ways without affecting the Web designs.

Filters are considered subobjects of the object to which they are attached. The BasicImage and MotionBlur filters are both applied to the object. For transltions, the following HTML causes the image to be 20 percent opaque. The direction of the blur, going clockwise, rounded to degree increments. Another benefit of filters is that they are easier to author and can be applied to entire classes of elements, because they use the declarative and inherited syntax of CSS.

In the following example, the opacity of the content of an object is dynamically changed by changing the opacity property of the Alpha filter. The following example shows a set of div elements cycling through a series of transitions.


Opacity is expressed as a percentage. Chroma Filter is used to make any particular color transparent and usually it is used with images. You can apply multiple filters, as shown in the example. Also, if the shape of the new content is changed, the play method clips the initial content to the new size and then makes a transition to the new content.

Writing to this property is useful to change an object’s filters dynamically. There are unlimited uses for filters in both static and dynamic Web pages.

It is also possible to apply transitions while events are fired on the page.

CSS Filters – Text and Image Effects

At any time, the script can terminate the transition by calling the stop method. For information, recommendations, and guidance regarding the current version of Windows Internet Explorer, see Internet Explorer Developer Center.

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Clicking the button runs the doTrans script, which calls the apply method on the Blinds transition to stop painting the image. It blends its target into the background; you control the amount of blend, or opacity. You can use it with scrollbars also. Filters only work on Internet Explorer 4. The following example shows kn to perform an automatic slide show of images.

When you change the content of the filtered object, content outside the tfansitions boundary of the object is not captured by the transition’s effects.


The following example shows a simple transition between two images. Wave effect is used to give the object a sine wave distortion to make it look wavy. By combining filters and transitions with basic scripting, you have a powerful tool for creating visually filterd and interactive documents. Some filters use transparency to create a visual effect.

Dynamic HTML: Filters and Transitions

Changing the src property is effectively asynchronous. This example also demonstrates the difference between asynchronous and synchronous changes.

You can apply one or more filter effects to a group of objects by wrapping them in a parent element which has one or more filters applied to it. Invert effect is used to map the colors of the object to their opposite values in the color spectrum, i.

A filters collection is available on every object to provide access to the individual filters of each object. Im to view sample. If you are developing your site for multiple browsers, then it may not be a good idea to use CSS filters because there is a possibility that it would not give any advantage. You can use transitions in both static and dynamic Web pages.