I’ve heard of muscle wire that contracts in length (about %) when And whats the difference between Flexinol and Nitinol? or is this a. If you’re using SMAs for the first time, I recommend starting with Flexinol muscle wire (which is available on Robotshop, or directly from. Flexinol LT Muscle Wire These unique nickel-titanium alloy Muscle Wires actually shorten in length when electrically powered, and can lift thousands of.

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Crimping the wire is the only viable option. In most cases it is necessary to engineer a biasing force into the mechanism. Image Unavailable Image not available for Muacle The crimp bead holds onto the wire mechanically and also makes it possible to solder the ends for robust electronic connections.

To maintain a one second response, current can be pulsed in short bursts and then removed.

Muscle wire, Nitinol, Flexinol, SMAs ?

Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! In some applications it is possible to activate the wire without additional resistance in the circuit. If you have an Arduino, you can hook up the wire using a transistor and PWM the power. If it were the Flexinol pulling the gripper to the closed position then it would need to go to a fairly precise location and could only grasp objects of a specific size, wife else risk damage to the object or the Flexinol.

LiveWire is a Nitinol product most often used as a novelty or educational item to demonstrate the shape memory effect – it has a low enough transition temperature to react in a glass of hot water.


The rubber band functions as an extension spring keeping tension on the Flexinol and keeping the gripper in a “normally closed” state. By adding simple folds, you can change a mechanism muscls.

Introduction To FLEXINOL® Actuator Wire

Many builders will use standard solderless terminals from other electronics applications. Sign up for the Make: Mandala Crafts 60 40 0.

So I changed my major to mechanical engineering because they get access to the machine shop! If above there were 2 inches of wire rather than 5, that same 3 volts would deliver 1.

Note that Flexinol has fairly high resistance compared with copper wire and flrxinol common conductors. If you’re looking for a fun spring which will stretch out in your hands, then go back to being a spring if you heat it up, look for Kellogg’s Research Labs Nitinol.

Have one juscle sell? The properties of an actuator wire are highly dependent on the manufacture of the Nitinol and the preparation of the wire. Also provided is the approximate electrical resistance of the various gauges.

Flexinol LT Muscle Wire: Electronic Component Wire: : Industrial & Scientific

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Nitinol returns to its original shape with a pulling force of about 25, pounds per square inch.

Perhaps the greatest challenge lies in the fact that actuator wire must be stretched back into its lengthened state with each activation cycle. The ideal bias value will of course depend on the application. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Since the SMA wire is completely silent and hidden, the tree appears to be moving to a virtual breeze. Top Flexibol Most recent Top Reviews. Working with the thin, tough wires can be physically difficult, and a substantial current can be required to achieve transition.


For example, if I were using the 0. In most robotics applications the heat required for this transition is generated by conducting electricity through the wire. If you try to wrap flexinop coil using only pliers and a dowel you will almost certainly hurt yourself. The device only opens when power is applied.

In the table reproduced below, Dynalloy provides some guidelines as to how much current is required to cause a Flexionl wire of a given gauge to contract in one second.

When cool these alloys can be bent or stretched, and then when heated the alloy returns to its original shape.

Experiment with different lengths, gauges, and angles in the bend to achieve the ,uscle properties. Please check your email. How it works Pressing the switch lets power fl. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Write a customer review. When used in medical applications tlexinol will frequently be active in the range of human body temperature.