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Thearnytaar falls to Ilythiiri forces utilizing dominated monsters and undead creatures. Other empires were brought down by civil war, internal politics, or strange, monstrous foes, but Cormanthyr’s fall was largely the handiwork of fiendish forces.

Lost Empires of Faerûn (accessory) – Wikipedia

Trivia About Lost Empires of F From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Dungeon Masters, this book contains new material associated with ruins, including rules for how to build and sustain a ruin-based campaign, more than a dozen detailed adventure sites with maps, and new monsters and artifacts. The magic of the sword summoned forth a tall, white tower, which he named the Rule Tower. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The subsequent hatching of Garnetallisar and his growth into an honorable being was a wonderful breakthrough, but his presence would eventually lead to fulfillment of the conditions needed to release the Trio Nefarious.

Rystall Wood fell to orcs and giants, in part because of the isolationist tendencies of the sylvan elves and their refusal to ally with the humans of Hlondath and Asram. For the first time in Cormanthyr’s history, the succession was open to any noble or commoner. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Ancient Secrets Ancient Spells from Chapter 1: In its opening gambit, called the Northern Massacres, the Army of Darkness invaded Cormanthyr’s northern reaches. Hardcoverpages. Jason Payne rated it liked it Jan 24, Lolth sends the balor lord Wendonai to seduce a high Ilythiiri clan into her service.


For players, this book contains new options for characters wishing to delve into ancient ruins, including new feats, prestige classes, magic, and equipment.

Ancient Secretson pages 6—35, details prestige classesfeats, and spells common for characters that keep alive forrgotten ancient secrets and traditions of the past.

Malkizid abandons House Vyshaan and retreats to the infernal planes.

Elf sages in Evermeet, Evereska, and a few other bastions of elven lore have charge of the few chronicles that remain. Especially in sun elf communities, non-elf researchers are frequently denied access to information about the Crown Ferun.

Lost Empires of Faerûn (Forgotten Realms)

Its capital was Myth Drannor, the City of Song, which produced marvels of magic, art, and poetry. The series of vicious, bloody wars that destroyed the ancient realms of the elves has come to be known as the Crown Wars. Mac Mathghamhna rated it it was ok Apr 09, He then spent fifteen years wandering the forest before plunging the Crownblade into a hillock revealed to him in a vision.

The culprit was Illitrin Starym, who feared that Aravae’s beloved would return and displace him as head of House Starym. Dreams of the Paston pages 36—50, examines how the ancient past plays a role in the modern Realms.


Rich currently resides in the Seattle area with his wife, Kim, and their daughters Alex and Hannah. That war never occurred, but the threat of it left the army well prepared for the Army of Darkness.

The elves of the Elven Court made their first contact with the dwarves during this time, and after a few brief skirmishes over logging rights in the Great Forest, the two races struck an alliance. Coronal Eltargrim spent a great deal of time contemplating the oath demanded of future coronals by the dying Coronal Oacenth — particularly the promise to “unify the tribes of this great land.

Patrick rated it really liked it Nov 11, For three thousand years the elves fought one another, tearing down most of what they had spent millennia building and practicing fratricide on a scale unseen before or since. The Vyshaantar Empire occupies all the remaining elven realms on Faerun and begins colonization of Evermeet. After the vicious fighting of the Crown Wars, the Elven Court became the first permanent settlement in the Arcorar the forest that would later become Cormanthor.

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