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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. When I decided to work on this book, I conversed about the. This is an English translation of the first volume of Ibn Arabi’s famous book of al- futuhat al-makkiyya. The Meccan Revelations is considered the most important. Al-Futūḥāt al Makkīyah: Ibn al-ʿArabī: to begin his major work Al-Futūḥāt al- Makkiyyah, which was to be completed much later in Damascus. In chapters .

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His father was an Arab who belonged to the prominent Arabian tribe of Tayy. The selection provides a brief overview of the best-known titles.

Printed editions of the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya

He formed him on the straight movement, and that is in the domain of Virgo. That illusion is not permissible in respect of Him nor can that verbal expression be logically makkiyga to Him in the same manner as that which created things accept.

Then Allah joined together these four types of creation in an ayat of the Qur’an in the Surat al-Hujurat. Knowledge of the reality of makiyya Essence is impossible since it is not known by either proof or logical demonstration and is untouched by definition.

Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah

What relationship is there between the in-time and the timeless? Similarly the people of the Fire have two punishments. To descend, the honour of the right hand is by the address khatab and the honour of the left is by presencing tajalli.

It is as if he were saying, “Do not curse the wind. Allah said, “Our word to a thing when We will it is that We say to it, ‘Be! The theme of movement and transformation runs through all of Ibn ‘Arabi’s works. The search within for this reality of oneness causes one to be reunited with God, as well as, improve self-consciousness. Maulvi Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui has made an interpretive translation and explained the terms and grammar while clarifying the Shaikh’s opinions.


Some works are attributed to Ibn Arabi, although futuhar some have been authenticated. The Prophet “was given all the words”. He gave each of those angels a knowledge which he wants to carry out in the world.

The Arabs still applies the phrases used for the limbs to things which the actual limb cannot accept because they share in the meaning. Similarly we do not need intellectual proofs of the recognition of the Real beyond the fact that He exists, is Knowing, Transforming, Powerful, Alive. So their movement is swifter than the hand and other things.

Ibn Arabi – Wikipedia

It existed in order to manifest divine realities. Published by the Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society. You look at that thing, you find that it has aspects compatible with those names it indicates, which are the realities which we mentioned. So His laughter and joy is His acceptance mwkkiyya pleasure with us.

The tools by which one questions are not applied to the spirits, nor is it permitted that they be applied to Allah. The meaning of the second goal and the first is the connection of the will, not the in-timeness of the will, because the will of Allah is an out-of-time pre-temporal attribute by which His essence is described as is the case with all of His attributes. If it tutuhat not been futyhat that, He would not have said, “I am the great, the powerful.

The Real, who is described with absolute existence because He is neither caused by anything nor the cause of anything. All things look at Him and receive from Him what He gives them as the parts of the circumference look at the dot.

They mqkkiyya, “we come willingly. He later wrote a long commentary on the poems to prove to one of his critics that they deal with spiritual truths and not profane love. Ibn Arabi, the Book, and the Law. They said, “We do not come down, makiyya at the command of your Lord.

His father noticed this change in him and mentioned it to philosopher and judge, Ibn Rushd Averroes.


The movement of the heavens and the movement of the earth Then Allah created these spheres and heavens, and inspired every heaven with its command and ordered their lights and lamps in them and filled them with angels and caused them to move. It was revealed to the one who “was given all the words” and had eye-witnessing of his Lord, closer than “two bows-lengths”, in spite of this most perfect proximity and fullest portion, “Say, ‘Lord increase me in knowledge.

Perhaps it has not been disclosed or specified and I do not know whether it will be given to anyone after me or not from the presence which gave it to me. The smoke intermingles and each of the two individuals enjoys that mutual entry.

In that casting, the earth brings forth the types of formations which Allah has hidden in its. So its ignorance can be makliyya greater than its knowledge!

The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

This contains all the variations that Arabic literature has to offer on the theme of love. Because of this matter in the view and opinion of certain people, we looked to see how gnosis of Him can be attained. It was his first time that he passed through Syria, visiting Aleppo and Damascus.

Although the Histoire was invaluable in measuring out the ground for a catalogue of fuyuhat manuscript base and what can be deduced from that, it included errors of detail, and scholars have made revisions to makkiyua number of entries.

However when the anthropormorphist and assimilator ascribe that to him, you negate that attribution. The form is not other than spirtual being.

The angels are not like that.