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The Gadfly is a novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich, published in , set in s Italy under the dominance of Austria, a time of tumultuous revolt and upri. The Gadfly – By E. L. Voynich – Arthur Burton, an English Catholic, travels to Italy to study to be a priest. He discovers radical ideas, renounces Catholicism and. The Gadfly [Ethel Voynich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Ethel Voynich’s classic tale of revolution, romance, religion, youth, and loss.

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Arthur feigns his suicide and escapes to South America, where he endures years of torture and degradation. When Ethel died inshe was mourned in Russia as a national hero. Who was the splendid revolutionary upon whom the character of ‘The Gadfly’ had been modelled? It appears that in Reilly had had a brief but passionate love vojnich with a young English woman writer, to whom he had confided the strange story of his early life.

Yet it was in the newly-created Communist states of the Soviet Union and China that the book found its most dedicated readership. I asked him, and he replied:.

From that day on the old lady’s home became a place of pil- grimage for every Soviet visitor to the us— a kind of New York Marx’s grave. In the end he is caught, sentenced and executed; the last rites are administered.

The Gadfly Series

Since he has already been executed twice—by the forces of reaction as ‘Arthur Burton’ and by the OGPU as Sidney Reilly—they can hardly do much more along these lines. After his capture, he is visited by Montanelli, now a cardinal, ovynich offers him a lifeline. She had thought for a while, then shook her head: There he becomes devoted to his guardian and mentor Montanelli, who, unknown to him, is also his biological father.

Reilly and Voynich travelled to Italy, where he claims to have told Ethel his voynicg story, elements of which bear striking similarities to the Gadfly. The landscape of Italy, in particular the Alpsis a pervading focus of the book, with its often lush descriptions of scenery conveying the thoughts and moods of characters.

Ina Soviet delegation of writers learned that the author, long presumed dead, was alive in New York — the newspaper Pravda proclaimed her resurrection, much like that of her protagonist. And one morning a Russian diplomat burst into the New York hotel room occupied by Boris Polevoi, a delegation member. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I gadrly have been about ten fadfly I first read The Gadfly, but as I was already familiar with some much better books, even at that tender age I found it hard to swallow Mrs Voynich’s preposterous plot and gushing romantic soppi- ness.


BBC – Culture – The Irish novel that seduced the USSR

Arthur fakes suicide and escapes to South America, when he reappears years later as the mysterious and dreaded revolutionary, ‘The Gadfly,’ unrecognised by all except the readers. Arthur Burton, an English Catholictravels to Italy to study to be a priest. In the Soviet Union The Gadfly was compulsory reading and the top best seller, indeed by the time of Voynich’s death The Gadfly is estimated to have sold 2, copies in the Soviet Union alone.

They are full of the dust of bygone ages; they are rotten; they are pestilent and foul!

View image of Credit: This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat From the moment The Gadfly first appeared, its combination of anti-clericalism, revolution- ism and high-coloured romance proved irre- sistible to the Russians. And there, on page 27, was the answer to the problem which has occupied some of Russia’s best minds for so many years. But Arthur, unforgiving and uncompromising, demands that his father renounce the church. Yet strangely enough the most popular work of homiletic children’s fiction in the USSR is an English novel—even though no non-communist Englishman I know has ever heard of the book or even its author.

For soon after reading the review I got down to the immensely fascinating book itself. Montanelli also dies, having lost his faith and his sanity.

Spotted a problem with this article? There the matter rested. It was all so long ago. The evidence demonstrates that a liaison of some sort took place between Reilly and her in Florence, I wonder what they are going to do about it now, when ‘The Gadfly’ has finally been exposed for what he was? The hero is a young Englishman, Arthur Burton, a devout Catholic, who gets mixed up with the revolutionaries—and suddenly discovers not only that he has unwittingly betrayed his com- rades to the police through the perfidy of his father-confessor, but also that he is the illegitimate son of another Catholic priest whom he loves and admires, one Montanelli.

fadfly The book, set during the Italian Risorgimentois primarily concerned with the culture of revolution and revolutionaries. Ethel Lilian Voynich, the author of The Gadfly, ninety-one years of age. Yet as the Cultural Revolution progressed, and the cult of Mao deepened, the rebellious Gadfly was suppressed, for fear it would be turned against the father figure of modern China.


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The Russian journalists eagerly put the question to Mrs Voynich. The pamphlet gives some idea of the Soviet attitude toward Voynich. What are they like, the children’s books on which little Russian boys and girls are edu- cated in the virtues of patriotism, courage, spying and purity? US politician Adlai Stevenson visited Moscow vkynich arrange for payment of her long-overdue royalties.

Spectator Archive by Netcopy. On the other hand, in Italy, where the plot takes place during the Italian Unificationthe novel is totally neglected: The Soviet journalists were, if anything, even more astonished: The Gadfly, by Irish writer Ethel Voynich, was a sensation on the other side of the Iron Voyniich — it sold over 5 million copies in editions in the 22 languages spoken in the Soviet Union.

The gadfly and the spy

Sidney Reilly was a man of infinite disguises —French cure, German staff officer, Russian Bolshevik—but not one of them can compare with that of ‘The Gadfly,’ in which he has suc- cessfully insinuated himself into the heart and mind of every Soviet boy and girl brought up since the Revolution. With the central theme of the book being the nature of a true revolutionarythe reflections on religion and rebellion proved to voynoch ideologically suitable and successful.

It is all in it: Mrs Voynich died inbewildered and still somevOtat unbelieving, despite the stacks of copies of various editions of The Gadfly gaefly now occupied most of her flat.

Ha-ha, I thought or words to that effect. Reilly, a British secret agent and a model for James Bond, then travelled to Russia, where he tried to assassinate Lenin and was killed in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Montanelli refuses and condemns his son to death.