Sri Garbha Rakshambika Stotram. Sri Madhavi kAranasye-. Garbha Rakshambike pahi bhaktham sthu vantham. Vapi thate vama bhage, vama. Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman temple is situated in Thirukarukavur ( Thirukkarugavur), a small village in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India. This is an. Garbha Rakshambika Stotram with a clean audio to all devotee and with a lot of features. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 18 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

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Can you please send the details to my email ID Thanks, Vishnu. This week we are planned to come to temple. Thank you for sharing your testimony. And which is the good time for this pooja?

Me and my husband are trying to conceive from more than 2 year. Last teljgu I lost my baby due to premature delivery after just completing 6th month of pregnancy in 26th week. I want to take blessings from garbarakshambiga amman. Please do the need ful help Regards Santhoshini. Let us hope that your prayers and puja offered to conceive bear fruit. There is a problem with me and my husband that my egg development is not good and his count Is low.

Hi, I have been married since 4 years and trying to conceive, but we do not have children yet. My name is karthika. So please send me what pooja should we do and how much should i pay for pooja. V r raksahmbika for our second child since 4 yrs pls help telgu. Nearly at the finishing time the ghee became old and had no option but to throw. I have 5 years son.


Sharing the Slokas

Ley us pray that your devotion to Amman is rewarded and you conceive too. I received your stotam from the article published in the newspaper on 21st July, Namaster By some divine intervention I came across this site. Aum Garbarakshambigaayai cha vidhmahe Mangala dhevadhaayai cha dheemahee Dhanno devi prachodhayaath 2. I m married for two years and living in northern part of India.

Hi Mam, My name is indumathi. I am really worried if I will be able to conceive. But I have checked those period is month of Chithrai and stars are not good. I would request your help in sending Oil Prasadam to our address and Kindly do our pooja on our behalf…Thank you.

By grace of amman may my daughter wish of having a brother come true. Is it possible for you to send prasadam to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Please tell me about the process where and how the stotrqm can be sent for pooja. It would have been ideal if you had not missed rakshaambika day but even if you have missed one day gaebha not worry too much about it. Since it is very important question for me. Medical reports seems both of us are good.


And for her shall I chant mantra is it possible garbarakshikambai amma can show kind on her to get children. My Wife will be delivering our First Baby next month. I have received this request several times before.

I am very tence.

Garbha Raksha Stotram in Telugu

Me and my husband are not together, we meet once a week. Can you please send me the details of the pooja and also the amount to be paid.

I would like to offer a saree to deviplease send me the details of material and colour of the saree which can be offered. However, I would still like to offer puja to MAA and would keen to have prasad before I get my pregnancy test that is due i 25th March. I got married on June 5th, Hi, since from past one n half year of our marriage we are trying for baby.

Garbarakshambigai Slokams, Stotrams, Mantras for Pregnant Women and For Conceiving

Thank you very much for the prayers. You have a fabulous collection of write-ups to refer to. I will send rakshambima the details by e-mail.