Additional members of the Cometa group included a France National Space Center director, a high ranking director of the DST, the French FBI. Un remarquable rapport, daté des années , le rapport COMETA, toujours disponible sur le site du GEIPAN / CNES (Centre national d’Etudes Spatiales) link. Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related .. GEIPAN found a mundane explanation for the vast majority of recorded cases, but in , after 30 years of . Skeptic Claude Maugé criticized COMETA for research incompetency, and claimed that the report tried to present.

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Retrieved May 3, Science, action, and reality. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, alarmed by reports of seemingly advanced unidentified aircraft, followed the US military’s example by conducting its own study on UFOs in Recently stopped raining comega fairly clear, clear view.

La vie dans l’univers

However, they must hold their peace, as it is classified information that is best kept from the public. The UFO problem seems to bear a closer resemblance to problems in meteorology than in physics. Linda Moulton Howe Productions. Let’s hope that the present summary will help clarify the debate.

L’article ci-dessous est paru dans le quotidien Northern Territory News, Australie, juillet 22, Stopped for a moment hen reersed in direction of mexborough. Object sighted form se to nw. That could hardly be expected either.


Huge bright orange circular light two smaller lights separated form main light. The failure of land vehicle engines may be explained by microwave radiations. The lure of the edge: General Norlain expresses hope that this report will help develop new efforts nationally, and an indispensable international cooperation.

Garrett estimated that the sightings were not imaginary or exaggerations of natural phenomena. Height 30 from horizoantal;steady slow rotating on own axis. Salesman saw a Large round orange bright object. Suivez-moi S’abonner au flux RSS http: Collard hill wsw slow.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The meeting was initiated by Peter A. Did not alter course of speed.

This so-called Hessdalen phenomenon has twice been the subject of scientific field studies: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence. Hoyt Vandenberg led to the dissolution of Sign and the formation of Project Grudge. No sond no smell.

UFO Reports in the UK

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Archived from the original PDF on January 7, The study concluded that the more complete the data was and the better the report, the more likely it was that the report was classified as “unidentified”. On the other hand, skeptics have argued that UFOs are not a scientific problem at all, as there is no tangible physical evidence to study.


The report affirms that UFOs are an existing phenomenon, [97] but points out that they present no threat to national defense. They are not experiments that can be replicated at will at the laboratory bench under controlled conditions. One version has been developed in France by astronomers Jean-Claude Ribes and Guy Monnet, based on rapprot concept of “space islands” of American physicist O’Neill, and it is compatible with present day physics.

The phenomena are observed, occur episodically, are not reproducible, and in large part, are identified by statistical gathering of data for possible organization into patterns.

It also makes recommendations at the scientific and technical levels, aimed at developping research, with potential benefits for defence and industry.

Located at houghton roberts in a car stopped to observe. Retrieved May 6, Three objestc seen first tot the sea second to the e third to the ne. Distance estimated ft ;hovering for about 5 mins then made square like movements and shot of at a great speed. Cometta clear with patches of haze.