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Msgr. James Patrick Moroney Executive Director, Secretariat for the Liturgy United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The English. Latin GIRM (Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani) — Roman Missal, 3rd Edition in GIRM (in English) • Preferred Version from MR3. Ed.) (Liturgy Documentary) [Usccb] on The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM), from the Roman Missal, Third December 9,

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It is also permissible to sing another psalm or tract, as found in the Gradual.

At the end, the people acclaim, For the kingdom. According to traditional practice, the altar and the Book of the Gospels are venerated by means of a kiss.

If the celebrant is a Bishop, in the Prayers, after the words N. Qui vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum Who lives and reigns forever and ever ; If it is directed to the Son: The main part of the Liturgy of the Word is made up of the readings from Sacred Scripture together with the chants occurring between them.

This Instruction aims both to offer general guidelines for properly arranging the Celebration of the Eucharist and to set forth rules for ordering the various forms of celebration. In a concelebration where a priest presides, however, the concelebrant who in the absence of a deacon proclaims the Gospel neither requests nor receives the blessing of the principal celebrant.

Care is to be taken that whatever may remain of the Blood of Christ after the distribution of Communion is consumed immediately and completely at the altar. After the intentions, the priest, with hands extended, concludes the petitions with a prayer.

Lastly, if incense is being used, he assists the Priest in putting some into the thurible and in incensing the cross and the altar. Then he says, Lectio sancti Evangelii A reading from the holy Gospelmaking the sign of the cross with his thumb on the book and on his forehead, mouth, and breast, which everyone else does as well.

If not sung, it is to be recited by all together or by two parts of the assembly responding one to the other. The priest then takes the host and breaks it over the paten.

Then he places the chalice on the corporal and covers it with a pall, as appropriate. Moved by the same desire and pastoral concern, the Second Vatican Council was able to give renewed consideration to what was established by Trent on Communion under both kinds.

Lastly, the Deacon may carry the Book of the Gospels to the credence table or to another suitable and dignified place. They should, however, sit while the readings before the Gospel and the responsorial Psalm are proclaimed and for the homily and while the Preparation of the Gifts at the Offertory is taking place; and, as circumstances allow, they may sit or kneel while the period of sacred silence after Communion is observed.


The people say the acclamation, Gloria tibi, Domine Glory to you, Lord. Before and after an incensation, a profound bow is made to the person or object that is incensed, except for the altar and the offerings for the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Chapter IV: The Different Forms of Celebrating Mass

It is recommended, moreover, unless the good of the Christian faithful requires or suggests otherwise, at: Then the acolyte incenses the priest and the people.

A genuflection, made by bending the right knee to the ground, signifies adoration, and therefore it is reserved for the Most Blessed Sacrament, as well as for the Holy Cross from the solemn adoration during the liturgical celebration on Good Friday until the beginning of the Easter Vigil.

The priest incenses the offerings with three swings of the thurible or by making the sign of the cross over the offerings with the thurible before going on to incense the cross and the altar. 0211 the priest bows profoundly and says the Munda cor meum Almighty God, cleanse my heart and, afterwards, reads the Gospel.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

The priest himself or some other minister may also very briefly introduce the faithful to the Mass of the day. The Priest, standing at the chair or at the ambo itself or, if appropriate, in another worthy place, gives the Homily. For a ksccb reason, having to do either with the significance of the rite or of the festivity, the faculty is given to celebrate or concelebrate more than once on the same day in the following cases:.

If several deacons are present, one of them may place incense in the thurible for the consecration and incense the host and the chalice as they are shown to the gir. The people make the prayer their own by the acclamation, Amen.

With the concelebrants and the people he continues, saying the Domine, non sum dignus Lord, I am not worthy. Then the priest, with hands extended, says the prayer over the offerings. The same applies for the other ministries.

Moreover, continuing progress in the study of the holy Fathers has also shed light upon the theology of the mystery of the Eucharist through the teachings of such illustrious Fathers of Christian antiquity as St. The Gloria is a very ancient and venerable hymn in which the Church, ussccb together in the Holy Spirit, glorifies and entreats God the Father and the Lamb. If the Book of the Gospels is on the altar, the priest then takes it and goes to the ambo, carrying the Book of the Gospels slightly elevated and preceded by the glrm ministers, who may carry the thurible and the candles.

Those who do not kneel ought to make uscc profound bow when the priest genuflects after usccn consecration.


After them the Deacon receives the Body and Blood of girj Lord from the principal celebrant. It may be appropriate to observe such periods of silence, for example, before the Liturgy of the Word itself begins, after the first and second reading, and lastly at the conclusion of the homily.

After the priest, the deacon, in virtue of the sacred ordination he has received, holds first place among those who minister in the Eucharistic Celebration. Then the lector takes his own place in the sanctuary with the other ministers. Uscch Priest himself or some other minister may also very briefly introduce the faithful 201 the Mass of the day.

When the Homily is over, a period of silence may be observed. By accepting this message, you will be leaving the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Footnotes [ 90 ] Cf.

If incense is being used, before the procession begins, the Priest puts some into the thurible and blesses it with the Sign of the Cross without saying anything. If the diocesan Bishop celebrates, then seven candles should be used.

It is appropriate that the intercessions for the living, Remember, Lord, your Church, and for the dead, Remember also our brothers and sisters, be assigned to one or other of the concelebrants, who pronounces them alone, with hands extended, and in a loud voice. If several Deacons are present, one of them may place incense in the thurible for the Consecration and incense the host and the chalice at the elevation.

Chapter IV: The Different Forms of Celebrating Mass

On Sundays, especially in the Season of Easter, in place of the customary Act of Penitence, from time to time the blessing and sprinkling of water to recall Baptism may take place. After the Prayer over the Offerings has been said by the principal celebrant, the concelebrants approach the altar and stand around it, but in such a way that they do not obstruct the execution of the rites and that the sacred action may ggirm seen clearly ksccb the faithful. Further, the nature of the uscb priesthood proper to a Bishop and a priest, who offer the Sacrifice tirm the person of Christ and who preside over the gathering of the holy people, is evident in the form of the rite itself, by reason of the more prominent place and office of the priest.

After this, if appropriate, the Priest adds, Let us offer each other the sign of peace. After the Consecration when the Priest has said, The mystery of faith, the people pronounce the acclamation, using one of the prescribed formulas.