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Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Xbox Halo videogame series. Karen Traviss, who has penned number. The Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and her colonies. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally. Is Karen Traviss’ book Glasslands a first part or a second part of a Ghosts of Onyx, while a main installment of Halo novels, isn’t part of a.

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I have read hundreds upon hundreds of books of all genres, lgasslands never once have I not finished one that I started, it’s just not the way I am. Still, I enjoyed the story itself; enough happened to make it interesting but it wasn’t too jammed with plot twists.

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Halo Wars Series Halo Wars. Using this world combined with all three storylines was done rather neatly. Jan 03, Jamie McFarlane rated it liked it.

Some big words here and there. This is, of course another book in the Halo series. This reaches truly insulting levels when Lucy punching Halsey in the hali somehow cures her of her inability to speak.

Is K.T’s book “Glasslands” a second or first?

The prologue begins with a narration from Catherine Halsey regarding the current situation within the core of Onyx.

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Aug 07, Tristan Norton rated it really liked it. I was truly shocked to find out that both had their twisted ways in attempt to keep both species at war. King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew. One point early on is actually set on earth with two ODSTs visiting Australia, talking about the devastation with someone, but very little in the descriptions try to reflect the level of damage they discuss.

Also introduced is a te It wasn’t bad, but it was no “Fall of Reach”. ONI, not the most honorable of institutions, plays some mean tricks to so discord amongst the Covenant while stumbling across the growing disloyalty of the colony world Venezia. Books and media Novels The Fall of Reach.

Halsey and Parangosky converse about the situation within and outside the sphere and Dr. On this note, I feel she did a lot better with her own newly created characters i.

Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss book review

She also told us how close the crew was getting at the end, but never really showed us. The aftermath of a star-spanning war has left everything in doubt – and the ruins of two once-mighty civilizations teetering on the brink of collapse. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally seems possible. Parangosky voices disbelief that Dr. I know, I know. An extremely dramatic scene where Lucy speaks for the first time in eight years glasslanss pardon my language here–is completely shit on by the fact that an incoherently irrationally screaming Halsey is what finally gives Lucy the will to cry out.


May 22, Josiah rated it liked it. Aug 29, C.

Then along came Traviss. It brought a unique perspective to the Halo universe which I appreciated, but there was too much time spent on the subject and glasslsnds too many angles.

Halo: Glasslands

But though the fighting’s stopped, the war is far from over: Glasslands was a great introduction glaswlands me into the Halo series.

But, after slogging through this one, I’m not planning on it for quite some time.

They all made logical sense from many viewpoints, trying to tie up the loose ends that there still are and then only moving forward. I absolutely love Karen Travis for writing this book for the halo series. How Karen Traviss managed to write this and be so completely devoid of the characters built over the last few books is beyond me Did she take tips from William C. Ports and expansions Halo PC.

I think Parangosky is more monstrous, letting children fight her war.