Gold-warriorsst. frontcover. Gold Warriors. America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold. by Peggy Seagrave and Sterling Seagrave . In , US intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in. The explanation offered in the Seagraves’ book is considerably more .. Gold Warriors is easily the best guide available to the scandal of.

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GOLD WARRIORS: The Covert History of Yamashita’s Gold

Arnold Otom rated it it was amazing Feb 11, They have a tendency to overreach, exaggerating the roles of Japanese gangsters and ex-military American bit-players when the bankers, politicians and CIA operatives are scary enough. Chichibu therefore shifted his headquarters from Singapore to Manila and ordered all the swagrave to head for Philippine ports.

Just started this book. The CDs can be ordered from their website www. Litigation continues against Swiss banks that hid much of the Nazi loot. In a use-it-or-lose-it scenario, that year MacArthur and his SCAP team changed tack from their initial, liberal approach to changing Japan and instead began turning it into a capitalist bulwark against communism, as well as a vital military base. Oct 31, Stephanie rated it really zeagrave it Shelves: Stay in Touch Sign up.

The book would also benefit from an update since more than a decade has passed. It is well researched and has lots of documentation to back it up. InUS Intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines.

From a general understanding of human nature, it would be difficult not to believe that the Japanese looted Asia. MacArthur was notified of the discovery, the Seagraves were told, and he and other senior U. Before going to prison he transferred part of his booty to the conservative politicians Ichiro Hatoyama and Ichiro Kono, who used the proceeds to finance the newly created Liberal Vold, precursor of the party that has ruled Japan almost uninterruptedly since He was not alone in his war-profiteering.


Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold by Sterling Seagrave

Jan 17, Pages. It also resulted in his first death threat, he says. Eduardo Mira Batista rated it really liked it Jul 26, Trivia About Gold Warriors: Verso- History – pages. While Moore pops up in New York theaters to greet audiences and on CNN to defend his positions, the Seagraves are in hiding somewhere in Europe — a life-saving necessity, they say. Once the gold was in their vaults, the banks would issue certificates that are even more negotiable than money, being backed by gold itself.

Believe it or not | The Japan Times

Gillian Tett, an author and former Financial Times correspondent in Japan, is more lugubrious, telling writer David McNeill in an interview this spring: The United States also persuaded the Japanese to give us much of the gold that they stole, and we then used it to finance our Cold War operations. Sadly, NOTHING surprises me anymore, and I do tend to be seduced by what some call “conspiracy theories” — but just because they are thusly labeled does not mean they are untrue. Jack Murphy rated it it was amazing Oct 24, There was no overland route to Korea, the closest point on the mainland to Japan, until very briefly in late We are experiencing technical difficulties.

The authors claim that in consequence of their revealing the existence of the slush fund and its resulting “global network of corruption,” they have received “veiled death threats.

This ‘Black Gold’ gave Washington virtually limitless, unaccountable funds, providing an asset base to reinforce the treasuries of America’s allies, to bribe political and military leaders, and to manipulate elections in foreign countries for more than fifty years.

Jan 17, Pages Buy. Conspiracy Encyclopedia Thom Burnett No preview available – No eBook available Amazon.

Simply put, gole book along with Paul Manning’s “Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile” are a must for understanding the global mess we all are living in. If you are interested in Japanese and East Asian history of the period, however, the book at least brings up personages, events, and potentially damning connections that can send you to other sources or if you are a historian, spark interest in new topics.


So I wish seabrave Seagraves a long life.

Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold

Santa Romana and Lansdale by no means discovered all the Golden Lily sites. More significant, however, are differences in US Government policies towards the two countries. In return, we agreed not to prosecute the majority of Japanese war crimes. Log In Register for Online Access.

Ina Cawl rated it really liked it Nov 29, He did so in perfect secrecy and forced the other Allies to accept his draft except for China and Russia, which did not sign. This book, Gold Warriors, is an exhaustively researched account of how Japan sequestered gold and treasure during the first half of the 20th century on behalf of the unbelievably greedy and bloodthirsty Japanese emperor Hirohito and his band of generals and crime bosses.

An eye opening about the literal profits of war. Conceptual difficulties of this sort make it impossible for the lay reader to judge this book’s credibility, even while one is swept up in the high-intensity story the Seagraves tell.

Sterling traces his roots to a family of missionaries who first left Massachusetts for Burma inand stayed on to serve as teachers and doctors.

These would be combined with treasure recovered inside Japan during the US occupation, and with Nazi loot recovered in Europe, to create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism.