Confessor (Sword of Truth) [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, . Confessor by Terry Goodkind, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Confessors were an order of women first created during the Great War as a means of ascertaining the truth beyond doubt. They were created by Wizard Merritt.

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No one, I ‘ve been waiting for it to come out forever! Oct 17, Valerie rated it really liked it Shelves: It could be because they want to hurt other side as much as possible. But come on, man. Phantom by Terry Goodkind. The plot came down to the Boxes of Orden and the Sword of Truth, but now that Richard and the readers have matured, the plot is revealed anew. Kahlan tells Richard she loves him – to Richard’s dismay.

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The point of entry of the Sisters is then concealed so that an army can be amassed beneath the palace without the D’Haran Forces knowing. Even so, the book drags on as if it were a living organism and has decided that it will doggedly continue no matter what the reader wishes.

No, he has to go on and describe what a genius he is for giving Jagang such a fitting end at great length. At the Palace, Nathan assumes Richard is dead and, acting on Richard’s instructions, accepts Jagang’s terms of surrender, which include surrendering Nicci to Jagang and giving the Order’s Sisters access to the Garden of Life in order to open the boxes. As with the previous books in the series, I found myself completely riveted for the last two hundred and fifty pages or so Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind.

I don’t want to make this sound like it was like pulling teeth, but it was certainly like having lead boots. Because, honestly, I feel like I’m doing the exact same thing Goodkind is in bringing it up so often. Another one that started out well and sucked me in! A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creationson the part of the author or publisher. Chase now a Warden of the Keep and his family have also moved into the Keep, as have Adie and Friedrich, who are now a mated pair.


Pillars of Creation, The. Most notably, whenever Confessors made love with someone that caused a Confessor to enjoy great physical ecstasy, the Confessor lost her ability to control her power.

Everything after Confessor is a boring chore to read, and no one should ever even attempt to do so, in my opinion. Goodkind leaves no room for misinterpretation when it comes to this. The series though somewhat slow paced at times is well worth the effort of sticking around to see things through. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment considering that Richard was able to solve all the problems–the Imperial Order, the prestinely ungifted, the taint of the chimes, the sisters of the dark, and Kahlan’s lost memory–all in one swoop.

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They’re stuck in a repeated dialog loop about the Magic of Orden with no end in sight. For the most part, everything tied together with the first book, although some parts could have been edited out. As with ALL of the books in the series, the pace of the narrative was uneven largely due to the fact that Goodkind insisted on a complete and very detailed recap every time we came across a character from the past.

In addition to these duties, the cardinal law of the Confessors should the true Seeker arise, to protect him with her life. We made it, Kahlan is saved again and Mr. I don’t know what happened to Terry Goodkind over the years, but whatever afflictions lay at the heart of his deteriorating talent as a storyteller and wordsmith, I will never again pick up another book he writes.

Oh, and Gratch was back in the story, which made me smile. There was no jealousy or disloyalty among Confessors due to rank, and any Confessor would sacrifice herself without hesitation for one of higher rank. Both Richard and Ulicia are told that the time to open the Boxes has been reset one year from when Nicci put named Richard a player the first day of Winter.

She was being wilfully blind, seeing only what she wanted to see.

It really feels far too much like Goodkind taking a victory lap, and giving everyone in the goodkijd the finger as he jogs by. Richard and Nicci helped by Adie go back to the Palace through the catacombs, helped by the fact that Nathan and Cara are suspicious and are investigating the missing Ann and Nicci.


It just felt like such a cop out, I was angry about it for months. Confessors, instead, would pick mates for procreation purposes while remaining emotionally close to their true soul mate. The last bastion of safety for cobfessor is under siege by an enormous and threatening army, Richard has lost his powers, the Boxes of Orden are in play, and he has one year to find the way, Kahlan’s fate is hanging in the balance as well.

He couldn’t just have it happen, and then say nothing, which would have made it that much more powerful and memorable. As far as the knowledge within the book was concerned, there was “nothing in it”, much like Richard’s Secrets to a War Wizard’s Power.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Jagang has been portrayed as cold and calculating up to this point. There are many instances throughout the series that highlight this attitude.

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You can remove the unavailable item foodkind now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. I actually stopped reading and jumped up and down. As a writer, Voodkind is not my cup of cinfessor. There is a short look at how the other world is doing. Some old friends from the past reappear, and I think that overall Goodkind did a great job in bringing the series to a close.

When a Confessor wanted to bear a child, she would choose any man in the Midlands for her mate, all powers being unable to refuse her the man she chose. Favorite Sword of Truth Characters. Moreover, as I mentioned above, I am tired of everything working out happily ever after for the good guys. It allows for true, interdependent love and even for children. This series was great!

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