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GOST – 0, Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. GOST – 74, Strips from silver solders. GOST – 76, Sheets of aluminium alloys. GOST −76 Sheets of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Specifications (with Amendments No. 1, 2, 3). GOST − Group В INTERSTATE. Unbelievable price on Aluminum sheet 2,5 in accordance with GOST , Amg6 brand in Moscow (Russia) company MetTransTerminal Nizhnij Novgorod, .

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Steel, heat resistant alloy High-temperature alloy Low alloy high-temperature steel Steel high alloy high-temperature Relaxation-resistant steel Steel heat-resistant Steel creep resisting and heat resisting The heat-resistant alloy heat-resistant The heat-resistant alloy Steel high-temperature alloy.

Titanium grade 19 Rod barwire.

The chemical composition determined for two leaves from the party. Filter mesh lace woven Kanilirovannaya wire corrugated Wire mesh single Wire plaster. Manganese bronze C C European bronze C Aluminum sheet Aluminum plate.

Aluminum sheets (GOST 21631-76)

Alloy 45N Sheet, strip foil. Marking Sectional and shaped rolling Sheets and stripes. Red brass C C Strip foil Busbar band. Copper, copper alloy Copper Copper-Nickel alloy Copper alloy high-temperature Alloy of copper-phosphorous Copper alloy special The master alloys copper-based Solders based on copper. Niobium, an alloy of niobium Niobium Niobium alloys.

Other impurities are not controlled. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols.


Transnacionalnaya metallurgicheskaya kompaniya, OOO. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Cobalt strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod. Rare earth and refractory metals Refractory metals and alloys.

Tin, tin alloy Tin Babbit tin Solders based on tin Tin alloy.

Import Data and Price of plate gost at Vizac Sea | Zauba

Chromel wire NiCr10 Chromel sheet, strip. Ni36, Invar Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip.

Ni-Span C Wire, bar, rod Sheet, strip. CuAl9Fe4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil.

Aluminum sheet 2,5 in accordance with GOST 21631-76, Amg6 brand

Duralumin tape The tire strip. Beryllium bronze Sheet, strip foil. European titanium Titanium grade 7 Titanium grade 7 Strip foil. Flange connection Metal hose with flange connection with hinged bolts Metal hose with external thread of the nipple Chemical resistance table Ropes gkst cables.

Bronze Bronze tin foundry Bronze tin pressure treated Bronze without tin foundry Bronze without tin pressure treated. Hastelloy C22 Wire, rod bar Sheet platestrip foil. Rolled products of non-ferrous metals Solid alloys, metal-ceramic products and powders, metal 211631 non-ferrous metals, alloys, and waste Bars Non-ferrous metals, including rare metals, and their alloys. Foundry casting of various metals Castings with special properties Creditele. Production of non-ferrous metals Products cadmium and cobalt Production of lead, zinc and tin Products of copper Production of titanium Production of magnesium Products from aluminium Products of Nickel and chromium Production of nonferrous metals other.


Titanium, titanium alloy Titanium sponge Titan technical Titan foundry alloy Titanium alloys. I agree to receive offers from other companies.

Nickel alloys Nickel metal Rare Nickel alloys. Steels and alloys for special purpose Steel for shipbuilding Steel for structural constructions Steel is non-magnetic Steel magnetic Steels and alloys for medical purposes Steel for rail transport and Railways.

Connect with the office Ukraine Russia Germany.

Precision alloy The magnetically soft precision alloy The magnetically hard precision alloy Precision alloy with specified CTE Precision alloy for bimetall Precision alloy for elastic elements Precision alloy with higt electric resistance The alloy is non-magnetic Precision alloy other.

Copper sheet Ogst plate. Constantan alloy Constantan wire, bar, rod Constantan strip, sheet. Tungsten rhenium wire WRe20 Tungsten rhenium thermocouple. Stainless strip Stainless foil stainless band busbar. Call back in 30 seconds. Steel, corrosion-resistant alloy Alloy for corrosion-resistant iron-based Steel corrosion resistant Steel corrosion resistant heat resistant Steel corrosion resistant heat resistant Steel corrosion resistant, heatresistant and heat-proof.

Lead Lead tape, foil Lead sheet. Wire and wire goods Steel wire rope Mesh metal Wire, steel, alloy Wire from nonferrous metals and their alloys. Our consultant will save your time.