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Ce s-a intamplat acum o ora? Well, I not want to eat and I use to ask my grandma to read a story for me while I was eating. I dream with my eyes open…. I read a lot and I also like a lot. It seem that they be some scientists and they do gramaica research for the moment.

Folosind explicatia de aici cum-punem-intrebari-in-englezatradu urmatoarele indepatori She send them a minute ago. I not think about that! How long you be interested in books?

Test engleza

Ai suficient timp liber? What you think about? Yes, I guess they take off now. He call everybody some time ago. Maybe they meet somebody today.

Test engleza incepatori | Cursuri engleza Echo

He have to take the dog back. They be happy playing with each other, running ibcepatori the streets. Suddenly, the boy see a photo of the dog on a fence and he realize the dog run away before he find it.


How long it take her to type the emails? By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. He not talk to his personal assistant yet.

Vezi rezolvare in videoclip: What kind of books you like? Cine s-ar putea sa vina la club? You want to go there and ask them? She arrange some meetings for the manager the moment she arrive.

You hear that sound?

Ce citesti in seara asta? I not understand …. I be afraid they may catch us. When I be a teenager I like adventure books, but for some time I study science books.

She arrive even earlier than 9 a. They not know that moment that another little child find Cudly. Ce formatii au venit la concert? I guess she not send all the invitations so far because she not have time.