GraphicConverter is a graphics utility that imports more than graphic added; option to import only the first page of multipage TIFFs added. I opened a PDF form with GraphicConverter and found that by using On a multi -page PDF file, only the page actually open would be saved. Can Graphic Converter do this for me? The people at the print shop seem to think they can do it, but if I can do it myself I will worry a bit less.

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The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: All readable images it contains will be opened in a multiple-page document. Supports Windows 10 2. Graphics Converter Pro focuses on graphics processing, and Graphics Converter – Photo Aide focuses on photo processing. Palm Pilot database format.

Open in new tab. You can use the raw filter to import raw multlpage. Latest Mountain Lion Hints Where do I go for the link?

Graphic Converter

It is my goto application for batch processing, converting formats and for quick edits. I figured it out. Used in some games. This one is terrific except it does not allow to designate an external editor, like all the others.


Sign in to report this app to Microsoft. Your best bet will be to use Acrobat to edit PDF’s! For example, if you delete or move a file or folder accidentally, or just change your mind, you can press Command-Z or choose Undo from the Edit menu to restore it.

You can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop and rotate it, save it, and then revert the image to its original state at any time in the future or continue editing it without any loss of quality. GRP X – – Uses 1 or 4 bit per pixel.

Thanks for the help. Format of the Dr.

Can GC crop a multi-page pdf? –

Description Graphic Converter Pro Plus is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for shutterbugs, photographers and IT engineers. Newera Software Technology Inc. This makes the file go from 3 Mb to 12 Mb, but the resolution seems to get worse. Published by Newera Software Technology Inc. By pressing Command-I in the operating system, you can click and copy it in the dialog that opens before setting it for another file with Command-V.

You can save out the pdf format from Canvas Draw which keeps the file size down and the resolution the same. Use the page selectors in the lower right corner of the window to move to each page. I had checked the “override resolution if images I have tried to enter text using Acrobat but really strange things can happen – like text appearing elsewhere in the document or when you try to correct a mistake in the original form, text several lines over in a different text box starts moving.


Standard UNIX file format for easy exchange of images. Maybe I’m doing your instructions wrongly. Supports 1, 4, 8 and 32 bit.

Now I need to find a way to trim off that extra 4 multipqge of white space to make things the right size to print as booklets on a copier. Because GraphicConverter 9 does require I have found many pdf forms sent to me to be filled out to be poorly?

If the document is scanned, the color is lost. This area contains the messages from the old Yahoo gcmac group after the port. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. You have to specify the width, height and gaphicconverter depth during yraphicconverter or saving such a file. Apple Works document format.