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Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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Dune and Dune Messiah. You’ve got dunw, fightan, more politics, space travel, enough politics to give Machiavelli a headache, and room for quasi-magic shit. This style is taught by an Mentat character of Baird’s own creation, but might exist in other campaigns as well: If Processors seem innocent and accepting, Generalists appear haughty and pedantic.

Engaging Insurers and Emerging Opportunities.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Feudal Fief of House Harkonnen Starports: In a matter of minutes, a character with this advantage can change his height, build, facial fune, hair color and apparent length, and even sex. Dunf Voice, a subtle manipulation of vocal tones, a Bene Gesserit can manipulate individuals or large groups by triggering clue tones. It provide PD 8, DR 0 against most hand-to-hand attacks. Fremen usually attempted to avoid killing a respected enemy with the tip of the blade; poison was considered a weapon more suitable gugps use against animals than humans.

When the effect is over, the user becomes lethargic as per the Laziness disadvantage for 1d hours. Gurpa all sorts of surprising twists and turns like everyone gloriously violating galactic law, and IT’S A T-gmphmmhmhhhhhhh!!!! Personal Shield The most common defense in the Imperium. If successful, the victim can be ordered to comply to any order of moderate complexity.


When coherent light impinges upon a planar effect field from either surface, all pseudo-matter bound in the shield is instantly converted to real matter.

In most humans this center is rudimentary, consisting of only a small number of cells K-K cells in the central cortex of the brain. When sufficient damage had resulted to cause death, the flow of energy through the nervous system stopped, and the sliver freezes in place. Attempts to establish the worm in other areas of the galaxy have met with only limited success. A benevolent Atreides government makes this planet a jewel of the galaxy.


They produce 1 ton of thrust per 10 MW of power input, with an exhaust speed of around miles per second. A successful roll vs. To date the biologically active portion of spice has not been isolated, although it is known that other portions of the molecule contain clycoprotein, a cupric heme and cinnamic acid. The only thing — short of atomics — that might stop a sandworm is the simultaneous application of massive amounts of electricity to each of its segments, stunning it temporarily. Thus, processors are trained to attempt first to use the categories and labels that others provide.

First, he may remain perfectly still, making it extremely difficult for the attack to locate him. Given an opportunity to study the victim for several days, the subject’s likeness is undetectable for short periods of time even by the closest of associates. One of the most striking results of a diet high in melange is the “Eyes of Ibab,” the characteristic “blue on blue” eye color: Sapho is mildly addictive with heavy use.

Sardaukar martial arts training favors the hard-hitting external styles.

The shield can be used to block or parry incoming attacks. He can become any individual he wishes to mimic.

Because the Sisterhood is the only party to teach some skills and the secrecy surrounding it, it is worth 40 points as an Unusual Background alternatively the Bene Gesserit could be treated as a Martial Arts Master and knowledge of the cinematic skills and manuevers would require the advantage Trained by Master. Tupile The name traditionally used for what may be one or more planets or star systems; the sanctuary planet for defeated Houses Major and Minor under the terms gurrps the Great Convention; also, the secret support base of the Spacing Guild.


Temperature at 30 deg. The specific game effects of Sapho are detailed elsewhere. Considering Herbertian omnicompetence, points might be a proper starting point, or is it too high? The grups glazed, the voice-intonation flattened, and awareness appeared to be turned inward. Melange is very expensive, and highly addictive. In the hands of a skilled operator, it can be moved with the exquisite timing necessary to penetrate a personal force shield. Hypothesists were trained to extrapolate from information to alternative explanations for the causes or the effects of that information.

The Fremen are considered a worthless race of people by udne Harkonnen government, worth a -5 point Social Grps.

Leidi possesses a faint ring system, 12 moonlets, 7 small moons, 6 medium moons and 3 large moons. Their ferocity in battle is unrivaled in the galaxy.

Appropriate skills would include: All Mentats are obviously Literate. Dense Leidi H2 On Arrakis, melange is common enough in nature to meet an addicts requirements through normal food and drink.

Ven is a virtual star system by itself with 29 satellites: