To discuss GURPS with our staff and your fellow gamers, visit our forums at The web page for GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements can. Enhancements are improvements to advantages, more rarely to basic attributes and secondary characteristics, and some cases individual skills. They add a. found on page 9 of GURPS Psionics, cost is rounded up to nearest 1/2 point. it specifies you apply this to the power when it is a 1-skill power or if it results in the .

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If you want control over it, get Guided. For Homing, you can’t call the shot … roll randomly. Homing attacks use a sense to home with, and home in on whatever the sense is detecting. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

Well, I’m enhancrments thinking that, in the sense of large targets, you should be able to target a specific part of the target.

If a foe had a pistol against an ally or loved one ‘s head, you enhanceemnts hit the gun or his hand to drop the gun and arrest the guy, you would simply have to kill him? Those are huge benefits … they let you fire a missile in the dark at something at Max range, and you’ll almost certainly hit at full damage.

If you price it as we have, it’s fair … until you start stacking other stuff on it to abuse it. I don’t deny that Rapid Fire is easy to break.


If so, is there enhancementa reduction in cost if the increased accuracy only applies to the homing attack skill and not the attacker’s to hit roll? Um, the attacker’s roll for a Homing weapon is just to push the button. Something does not work as expected? Yeah, that’s abstract, but this being an RPG, “different character” is the single most important distinction to make in combat.

Enhancements and Limitations for Skills

It’s assumed that you can designate one or the other during the lock-on period. So those rapid-fire death attacks probably should cost what they cost in modern-day and futuristic games, but maybe points of UB is a good idea in a low-magic, TL3 fantasy game.

How many supers in comics actually shoot bolts o’ power or whatever? All I can suggest is that GMs keep an eye on it to keep it from getting out of hand. We’d be bad game designers if we didn’t respect it.

Find out what you can do. Rules for all that are topical for Vehicles, though, not the Basic Set.

Enhancements | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Originally Posted by LoganSaj Also, when using an ability with homing, if the attacker aims, does his accuracy bonus include the full accuracy for an increased homing ACC using increased accuracy? Plenty of them could apply to many traits besides the ones they’re listed with … they’re just not applicable to a sufficiently broad selection of advantages to qualify as general modifiers.

The real balancing factor is to decide what’s “normal” in the campaign and start charging Unusual Background costs right on the far side of that line. Click here to edit contents of this page. Acc only ever applies to the actual attack roll — made by the weapon itself — and isn’t any cheaper for it. Feel free to enhanements special modifiers all over the place. Homing enhancement Originally Posted by LoganSaj If a foe had a pistol against an ally or loved one ‘s head, you couldn’t hit the gun or his enhancemente to drop the gun and arrest the guy, you would simply have to kill him?

  IEC 60695-4 PDF

Just like homing missiles targetting open windows, or targetting heat signatures of jets, instead of the entire jet.

Also, I thought if you buy an enhancement on something, it made an improvement. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible.

Enhancements and Limitations – GURPS Repository

The problem is that if you price it like “more damage,” it’s crappy. But, if you cannot target a specific hit location, why buy “homing”? ROF enhancement Ultimately, that’s the thing … in games where PCs can get rifles that toss out bullets that do 5d-7d vs. The best guideline is genre consistency: It does not suffer half damage at any range! It lets you ignore all range penalties! That’s how they work already, though.

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